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The SURVOSTRAL project is a high-density repeat XBT 
line between Tasmania and Antarctica, crossing the 
Southern Ocean.  The SURVOSTRAL project includes XBT 
data available from 1992 to 2005+, and surface 
underway SST and SSS data from a thermosalinograph 
from 1993 to 2005+. 

XBT Temperature  profiles described here are available 
6-10 times per year, from 0 - 800 m depth during 
austral summer, from October to March.

Data from 1992 to 1998 have the format described by 
the file oldformat.readme.

Data from 1999 to 2005+ have the new format described 
by the file newformat.readme.

A fortran program which reads the two data formats is 

Quality controlled data and data interpolated onto a 
fixed latitude grid are available as NetCDF files, 
one file per year (austral summer).

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