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Thesis and studies

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For hydrology, thesis  at  LEGOS are :


Sylvain Biancamaria : Etude du cycle hydrologique des régions boréales et apports de l'altimétrie à large fauchée Thèse de l'Université de Toulouse III Décembre 2009

Christine Lion :  SWOT simulation over deltas, with focus over Amazone and modelisation of tides in the delta (began in October 2009)


Adalbert Arsen : study of lakes in Andes, impact of layover effects over mountain lakes. (began in November 2011)


For oceanography, two thesis are already successfull :


Baptiste Mourre : Study of the configuration of an altimeter satellites constellation for the observation of costal oceanic dynamics .  Thesis at  Université de Toulouse III, Nov 2004

Matthieu le Hénaff : Objective evaluation of network observation in coastal domain with global modelisation.  Thesis at Université de Toulouse III, Fev 2008

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