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General settings

  • 2D (external) time step

The simulation time step must be tuned to fit dynamical equations stability constraints. Following the chosen continuity solver and the simulation dynamics, it is limited by the gravity wave and/or advection CFLs. Using GWE or WE solvers allows for relaxing the CFL limit by a factor ~2.

Sub-cycling can be used to locally satisfy stronger limitations.

  • discretisation
  • continuity equation solver
    • general wave equation (GWE)

semi-implicit, the historical (mog2D) solver

    • wave equation, also named pressure correction (WE)

semi-implicit, inspired from Casulli-Walter pressure correction scheme

    • explicit continuity equation
  • dissipation
    • bottom friction
    • internal wave drag
  • horizontal diffusion
    • mesh size controlled diffusion
    • Smagorinsky
    • smoothers


Runtime settings

    • OpenMP
    • instability tracking


    Optional settings

    • energy diagnostics
    • stream functions
    • tracers
    • drifters

    IO settings

    • inputs
      • simulation parameters files
      • continuation files
      • mesh
      • bathymetry
      • boundary codes
      • local model parameters
    • outputs
      • output directory
      • continuation files
      • unstructured outputs
      • structured outputs


    File formats


    Configuring tidal simulation

    • boundary conditions
    • loading/self-attraction forcing files
    • harmonic analysis


    Configuring storm surges simulation

    • boundary conditions
    • meteorological forcing

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