Ushant Sea tidal modelling

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General input files:iroise.jpg

  • mesh file
  • boundary codes file
  • bathymetry file
  • input parameters template file


Tidal input files

  • tidal boundary conditions file
  • spectrum file




Preliminary step:

First, go to T-UGOm training top directory :

cd ~/tuesday

Make sure you have exported the environment variables :

. export_path_aerotp

Exercice I: tidal time-stepping 2D simulation

Detailed instructions

model setting:

  • 2D mode
  • time step and sub-cycling
  • harmonic analysis


Exercice II: tidal spectral 2D simulation

Detailed instructions

model setting:

  • spectral discretisation paire
  • solver


validation against tide gauges


Exercice III: tidal spectral 3D barotropic simulation

model setting


validation against ADCPs

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