Sirocco training 2012

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Monday 14:00-17:00

Interactive/line command pre/post processing and visualisation

this is a COMODO tools and sirocco-genesis training

detailed program


Tuesday 09:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00

Introduction (pdf)

T-UGOm modeling training

1. Ushant Sea tidal modeling

T-UGOm modeling training I

2D sequential, 2D spectral, 3D spectral tidal simulation


2. Tonkin Gulf tidal modeling

T-UGOm modeling training II

mesh conversion, 2D spectral tidal simulation


Software rescue instructions

It might be necessary to install a newer distribution of our softwares, or to go back to a previously installed one. You will very likely find latest updates there:

T-UGOm , COMODO-tools , sirocco-genesis

Instructions for upgrading or downgrading can be find there:

detailed instructions

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