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under construction...

We maintain a few shoreline databases:

  • low-resolution global dataset

old dataset, useful for quick display; path:


  • GSHHS high resolution global data set (gshhs 2.0 and higher). You can find updates at:NOAA/NGDC database
  • SWDB shorelines from SRTM (NASA) plates, 1" arc resolution
  • Amazon river/estuary

digitalized at LEGOS from space imagery

  • french shorelines (very high resolution)

merged at LEGOS with gshhs 2.0 for non french shorelines


We try to provide i/o facilities for most of GIS formats (in comodo-tools and genesis), but present resources are quite limited. Next step is to plug GDAL API ( to take profit of its comprehensive format library ( GDAL is (as far as we know) part of Linux standard packages, it is worth to check the web site, especially if you are looking for utility programs (format translations, ...).

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