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Articles sous presse

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Articles sous presse


Onguene R., Pemha E., Lyard F., Duhaut T., Nkoue G., du Penhoat Y., Mbiake R., Marsaleix P., Njeugna E. and Jombe S., 2014: Overview of tide characteristics in Cameroon coastal areas using recent observations, Open Journal of Marine Science, in press.

Vu Duy Vinh, Ouillon S., Tran Duc Tanh, La Van Chu, 2014. Impact of the Hoa Binh dam (Vietnam) on water and sediment budgets in the Red River basin and delta, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, sous presse

Samson G., S. Masson, M. Lengaigne, M.G. Keerthi, J. Vialard, S. Pous, G. Madec, N. Jourdain, S. Jullien, C. Menkes, P. Marchesiello: The NOW regional coupled model: application to the tropical Indian Ocean climate and tropical cyclones activity. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, in press.

Yamano H., G. Cabioch, B. Pelletier, C.  Chevillon, H. Tachikawa, J. Lefevre, and P. Marchesiello : Modern carbonate sedimentary facies on the outer shelf and slope around New Caledonia. Island Arc, accepted.


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