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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Legos Clean Lab

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Published by François Lacan, November 2019


  • To provide the necessary infrastructure for the chemical preparation of marine samples in view of the analyses of trace elements and isotopes.


Scientific Rationale

Trace elements and isotopes play important roles in the ocean as nutrients, as tracers of processes now and in the past, and as contaminants. Their biogeochemical cycling has direct implications for research in such diverse areas as the carbon cycle, climate change, ocean ecosystems, and environmental contamination.
Some of these trace elements and isotopes require clean sampling and chemical processing techniques. Clean labs provide clean workspaces necessary to prevent sample contamination during sample processing. The clean lab of the Toulouse Marine Geochemistry Group is used to process seawater samples for the analyses of i) Nd isotopes and REE concentrations and ii) Fe isotopes and concentrations.
Nd isotopes and REE concentrations are used as tracers of i) large scale circulation, ii) land to ocean matter fluxes and iii) dissolved/particles interactions. Nd isotopes, robustly recorded in various sedimentary archives are also very useful in paleoceanography (although paleo work in not carried out in our group).
Fe isotopes provide a new tool for studying the Fe biogeochemical cycle and more widely, as iron in involved in the cycle of many other elements, oceanic biogeochemical cycles. First results suggest that this new tracer provide new and unique information about i) matter, and notably Fe, sources to the ocean, ii) dissolved/particles interactions, notably about Fe.


Description of the facility

The LEGOS clean lab is composed of three main rooms, which air purity is classified ISO-6 and 7, totalizing ~43m2. In addition, 2 ISO-8 rooms are dedicated to weighing and mechanical instruments (oven, centrifuge…). The lab is equipped with particle free (ISO-1) evaporation spaces and laminar flow hoods (one of them acquired in 2016). Pressure, temperature and humidity are permanently controlled and monitored.

The entire system is monitored with a software (image below).

Electronic control of the clean lab air treatment system. The software displays all measurements (temperature, humidity, pressure, together with the status of the hardware), sends alarms when necessary and allows to set the targeted values (e.g. temperature etc.).

Atmosphere purity is controlled twice a year.



The electronics, the particle free (ISO-1) evaporation spaces and laminar flow hoods, and the turbines blowing the purified air in the clean lab, will be connected to a secured power supply with 10-20 minute battery life.


People in charge of the facility:

F. Lacan, C. Pradoux, M. Belhadj


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