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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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AMOP Mooring

by Webmaster Legos last modified Jan 26, 2016 11:23 PM

(deployed on January 5, 2013 from german R/V Meteor)

AMOP mooring deployment film


Location: 12°02S; 77°40W at 30 nm from the coast

Deployment date: 5 January 2013 from german R/V Meteor

Final recovery date: 26 February 2014 with R/V Atalante

Maintenance: Each 2-3 months with R/V Humboldt or Olaya

Dimensions: Subsurface mooring from 20 m down to the bottom (around 180 m)

Estimation of total weight in air : 2000 kg including the ballast

Description of the two lines which will be deployed simultaneously:

  1. 01 Acoustical Doppler Currents Profiler (ADCP) located on the bottom (~180 m), which includes two battery packs

  2. 01 temperature logger located at 180 m

  3. 01 botttom structure (specific protection cage for the ADCP mooring line)

  4. 05 sensors CTDO2 Microcat (including all complementary material) located at 35 m, 50 m, 75 m, 125 m and 170 m

  5. 04 temperature loggers located at 25 m, 60 m, 100 m, 125 m;

  6. 01 sensor for fluorescence located at 35 m;

  7. 02 sediments traps PPS3 located at 35 m and 150 m.

  8. 02 ARGOS systems (3-8 LSH20);

  9. 03 Acoustic releases;

  10. Buoyancy material (including floatex, panthers and benthos);


Figure 1: General scheme of the mooring including the botttom ADCP line (left) and the line equipped with sensors (right)


Figure 2: Mapa de batimetría con la posición del anclaje AMOP (la cruz blanca) en la estación 5 histórica del IMARPE (12°02S; 77°40W) a 30 mn de la costa. Profundidad del fondo: ~175 m.

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