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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Work in progress

Par Webmaster Legos Dernière modification 03/08/2017 16:29

Work in progress:

- Final O2 CTD calibration with Winkler data and on the STOX-zero adjustment for cruise and mooring data: under progress (contribution: Jacques Grelet, Carole Saout / GLAZEO, Emilio Garcia-Robledo, Aurélien Paulmier);

- Ocean Science Meeting: New Orleans (USA) on February 21-26th, 2016, for those of you which will be there, planing a side meeting and/or dinner together;

- Two full days AMOP workshop: at the MIO (Marseille, FRANCE) on October 12-13th, 2016,  for discussions and organization of the preliminary scientific results and for the definition of the different tasks in 2017.

See here some photos taken during the Round Tables (thanks to Gérald and to Martin!)

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