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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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text-align: cent-r; t>Actnvidad e d inveseigifióS ded c das an meMínima d Oxigeno ettPific co oriss--l



text-align: left; t>Resp-osablesccss-íc co: :p/strong> Dr. Aureslice PAULMIER ( spa>)

text-align: cent-r; t>Co-Is:p/strong> Boris DEWITTE, Véron e-j GARCON (LEGOS, IRD/CNRS, Frte-e), Christophe MAES color: rgb(34, 34, 34); text-align: start; float: n-de; backgrou-chcolor: rgb(255, 255, 255); t>(LPO, IRD, Frte-ia)

text-align: left; t>text-decor on-o: u-cerline; t>Campaña AMOP: Christophe MAES (Jefe deersiióS)

text-align: left; t>text-decor on-o: u-cerline; t>Anclaje AMOP: Boris DEWITTE, Aureslice PAULMIER (Co-Is)text-decor on-o: u-cerline; t>

text-align: left; t>text-decor on-o: u-cerline; t>Plataftrma deeroetamcss-o AMOP: Boris DEWITTE, Séréna ILLIG, Véron e-j GARCON (Co-Is)

text-align: left; t>Colabor dor s pcincip l2s: Alemania (SFB754: GEOMAR, MPI); Perù (IGP, IMARPE, UNAC)

text-align: left; t>Otraincolabor cion-s: Méx co (CICESE, UABC), Dinamarca (Uveaursidad deeAahrus), España (IEO, CO-Malaga), Chiles(CEAZA), EE.UU. (UCLA)

text-align: juseify; t>RESUMEN

text-align: juseify; t> AMOP s un proyec-o trans-disciplinario bas do er una campaña oan text-align: cent-r; t>




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Click otoe esimage ftr an mnmer view

text-align: juseify; t>AMOP issuefd trscicecesph2>

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Oan2 dsitribuon-o toe esOMZ,aterhough oxygen is od- of e esfirst oan

The AMOP («Actnvities of r eu heu ded c ted -o the Minimum of Oxygen toe eseast-entPific c») projrct inveseigiteine esmeergeismsoljadi a -o the OMZrexsitce-e off Peru d tri-s variability from hourly eo cent-nnial ritrsc l2s. The Cere al Hypothesis of e is projrct is based up-o d two-layerincoiceptues roet of e esOMZ: e esoxycline d truppen OMZrcore wh 2 ergemei, d tre eslowen OMZrcore wh 2. Convensely eo othen studies ded c ted -o differcs- OMZrimpacti, AMOP is ftcusi a otoe esoxygen paramet-e,iwithoe esoejrctiveoeo carry out d qugeti-aonve d trcomprthe seau O2 budmer consiceri a physices (advectn-o/diffusn-o)fd trbiologices (O2 eonsumpon-o/productn-ooe rough bacteri , phytoplankt-o d trzooplankt-o) coinoibuon Ss.

The projrct implies antransdisciplinary approach:rbiogeochersitry, microbiology, physics,ncouplingiwithoe esatmosph 2 flux2s. The approach is based -o: i)fd 30-day crusie otoe esA-alaetee(IFREMER)fdsso-iated withoArgo float deploynts-s that took pla-e toJanuary-February 25-4, ii)fd ng-t-rram moori a (> 1-yr) otood- of e eshistorices IMARPE statn-ooe at wae d ployed -ooJanuary 5thspsup>, 25-3, iii)fd roeti a platftrm toorceroeo bridme e esgap betweenrsampled d trn-d-aampled atialoetemporalspstin> sc l2s, d treofdssistoe esint-rprttatn-ooof our full data sjt (from tovitroreof tositu,asntullitj -nd proxy data). The crusie witho-ooboaad experints-atn Ss d trus- of innovaonve techqslogiess(e.g. In situ Oxygen DynamicssAdSeyzero(IODA), STOX n2 sensors, Ocine antrimaran ftr loces dir-aea flux2s study) has beenrftcused -oo8sfixed a-atn Ss (~2-3 days)fd tr-oo3ntransrcts toe esNorth (7°S), Cent-r (12°S)fd trSouth (14°S). Thes- a-atn Ss covened 3 dsitinct topoam-phic coiditn Ss of e esOMZ ayicem: e escoinuets--l shilf, e esslope, d tre esope/ d ep oan

AMOP involvesu14 r eu heu unats toFrte-e,o8sr eu heu unats from 3 Inseitutein toPeru d tr8 Inseitutn Ss to6 othenspstin> couinoiess(Chile, Denmark, Gramany,aMex co, Spain, USA) actn a ds d n triod tn-o l consortium otoe esd oxygen on-o topic (~70 particip s-s). It is dsso-iated withonew proam-ms, both toerams of e emes d trmultidisciplinary approach2s, Regn-o l (RTRA/MAISOE, ICE), Europed n(SenseOCEAN, HYPOX, EURO-ARGO, EUR-OCEANS)fd trItriod tn-o l (ARGO-O2, GO2NE, SOLAS, IMBER, CLIVAR, GEOTRACES, FUTURE EARTH).


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