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SSS Database in the Atlantic Ocean for the 1896-2013 period

Par SSS Dernière modification 29/01/2018 17:19


The 1896-2013 Atlantic (75°W-10°E, 70°N-20°S) SSS data from Friedman et al. (2017) are available. The data correspond to the boxes shown in the figure. Please see the paper for details.


3 files are available here.

  • Grid box coordinates and March-May mean climatology: Atl.SSS.clim_MAM.boxes.1896-2013.csv
  • Annual (1-2-1 filtered) grid box anomaly timeseries: Atl.SSS.timeseries.1896-2013.csv
  • Annual (1-2-1 filtered) grid box error timeseries: Atl.SSS.error.1896-2013.csv


Contact: Gilles Reverdin <>, or Andrew Friedman <>


Reference: Friedman, A. R., G. Reverdin, M. Khodri, and G. Gastineau (2017), A new record of Atlantic sea surface salinity from 1896–2013 reveals the signatures of climate variability and long-term trends, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, doi:10.1002/2017GL072582.


Figure: March-May SSS climatology, with the box number indicated.


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