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Dumont d'Urville

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Dumont d'Urville tide gauge (-66° 39.7' South, 140° 00.6' East) is situated near the french scientific base of Dumont d'Urville in Antarctica. It was installed in 1997.
Situation of Dumont d'Urville tide gauge
Dumont d'Urville

It contains a PM36S MarArgos automatic tide gauge station which activates, every 20 mn, measurements of:
- atmospheric pressure with a Vaisala sensor;
- bottom pressure, sea water temperature and conductivity with an Aanderaa WLR7 sensor.
Measurements are real time transmitted, via Argos system, to LEGOS.
Dumont d'Urville tide gauge Argos transmission antenna
Antenne Dumont d'Urville

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