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• 2012: Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (HDR), University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

« Tracing the exchange of chemical elements at the continent-ocean interface, ocean circulation and mixing using radium isotopes » ;

Committee: J. Viers, K. Cochran, M. Condomines, F. Grousset, B. Hamelin, JL. Reyss, C. Jeandel

• 2001: phD Thesis (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France)

phD at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, Gif-sur-Yvette, France 

Supervisor : JL. Reyss ; Fellowship from the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA)

« Use of sedimentary marine barite for the paleoceanographic studies of the Holocene period »,

Committee: A. Saliot, C. Jeandel, B. Hamelin, P. Tréguer, A. Mangini, JL. Reyss 


Background and mobility


  • Since 2015: Professor at the University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier
  • 2003-2015 : LEGOS, Toulouse, France. Lecturer at the University of Toulouse.
  • 2003: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Marie Curie Fellowship).
  • 2002: Postdoctoral Fellow, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA (Lavoisier Fellowship)
  • 1998-2001: PhD thesis at LSCE, Gif-sur-Yvette, France



- University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (All levels between Licence 1 and Master 2R/ Master 2Pro; 206h per year on average)

- Institut National Polytechnique, Toulouse (Classe Préparatoire Polytechnique)

- University of Abomey-Calavi/ UNESCO Chair of Mathematics, Cotonou, Benin, since 2007


Scientific Interests


Marine Geochemistry; Oceanography/ Paleoceanography; use of the disequilibria in the U-Th series and artificial radionuclides as tracers

• Radium isotopes :

226Ra & 228Ra : tracer of water masses; vertical and horizontal mixing in the ocean ; dating of marine sediments and oceanic processes

223Ra & 224Ra : groundwater discharge rates in coastal waters; mixing in the ocean

227Ac : tracer of water masses; transport rates in the deep-sea, upwelling velocities

• Other radionuclides : 210Pb, 7Be, 228Th, 234Th




• Radionuclides and trace element chemistry (seawater, marine particles and sediments).

• Gamma spectrometry (Low-background laboratory settled in the French Pyrénées)

• Radium Delayed Coincidence Counter (RaDeCC)


• Oceanographic sampling techniques (large volume in situ pumps, sediment traps…)


Peer Review Publications


38. Le Roy E., Sanial V., Charette M.A., van Beek P., Lacan F., Jacquet S., Henderson P.B., Souhaut M., García-Ibáñez M.I., Jeandel C., Pérez F.F., Study of the 226Ra-Ba relationship along the GA01-GEOTRACES section in the North Atlantic, submitted to Biogeosciences.

37. Bejannin S., van Beek P., Stieglitz T., Souhaut M., Tamborski J., 2017. Combining airborne thermal infrared images and radium isotopes to study submarine groundwater discharge along the French Mediterranean coastline, Journal of Hydrology : Regional studies 13, 72-90.

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35. Kipp L., Sanial V., Henderson P., van Beek P., Reyss J.-L., Hammond D., Moore W., Charette M.,.Radium isotopes as tracers of hydrothermal inputs and neutrally buoyant plume dynamics in the deep ocean, Marine Chemistry, GEOTRACES Special Issue, in press.

34. Sanial V, Kipp L., Henderson P.B., van Beek P., J-L. Reyss, D.E. Hammond, Moore W.S. and Charette M.A., Radium-228 as a tracer of trace element inputs from the Peruvian continental margin, Marine Chemistry, GEOTRACES Special Issue, in press.

33. Thiebault T., Chassiot L., Fougère L., Destandau E., Simonneau A., van Beek P., Souhaut M., Chapron E., 2017, Record of pharmaceutical products in river sediments: A powerful tool to assess the environmental impact of urban management ?, Anthropocene 18, 47–56.

32. Li C., Le Roux G., Sonke J., van Beek P., Souhaut M., Van der Putten N., De Vleeschouwer F., 2017. Recent 210Pb, 137Cs and 241Am accumulation in an ombrotrophic peatland from Amsterdam Island (Southern Indian Ocean), Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 175-176, 164-199.

31. Enrico M., Le Roux G., Heimbürger L.-E., van Beek P., Souhaut M., Chmeleff J., Sonke J., 2017. Holocene atmospheric mercury levels reconstructed from peat bog mercury stable isotopes, Environmental Science and Technology 51 (11), pp 5899–5906.

30. Shelley R. U., Roca-Martí M., Castrillejo M., Sanial V., Masqué P., Landing W. M.,  van Beek P., Planquette H., Sarthou G., 2017. Quantification of trace element atmospheric deposition fluxes to the Atlantic Ocean ( > 40°N; GEOVIDE, GEOTRACES GA01) during spring 2014, Deep–Sea Research Part I 119, 34-49.

29. Masson O., Bieringer J., Brattich E., Dalheimer A., Estier S., Penev I., Ringer W., Steinkopff T., Steinmann P., Tositti L., van Beek P.,  Vismes-Ott A., 2016. Variation in airborne 134Cs, 137Cs, particulate 131I and 7Be maximum activities at high-altitude European locations after the arrival of Fukushima-labeled air masses, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 162-163, 14-22.

28. Pham M.K., van Beek P., Carvalho F.P., Chamizo E., Degering D., Engeler C., Gascó C., Gurriaran R., Hanley O., Harms A.V., Herrmann J., Hult M., Ikeuchi Y., Ilchmann C., Kanisch G., Kis-Benedek G., Kloster M., Laubenstein M., Llaurado M., Mas J.L., Nakano M., Nielsen S.P., Osvath I., Povinec P.P., Rieth U., Schikowski J., Smedley P.A., Suplinska M., Sýkora I., Tarjan S., Varga B., Vasileva E., Zalewska T., Zhou W., 2016. Certified reference materials for radionuclides in Bikini Atoll sediment (IAEA-410) and Pacific Ocean sediment (IAEA-412), Applied Radiation and Isotopes 109. doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2015.11.041.

27. Cuvier A., Panza F., Pourcelot L., Foissard B., Cagnat X., Prunier J., van Beek P., Souhaut M., 2015. Le Roux G., Accumulation and sources of U decay chain daughters around a minor closed uranium mine, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 149, 110-120.

26. Koch-Larrouy A., Atmadipoera A., van Beek P., Madec G., Aucan J., Lyard F., Grelet J., Souhaut M., 2015. Estimate of tidal mixing in the Indonesian archipelago from multidisciplinary data, Deep-Sea Research I 106, 136–153.

25. Rousseau  T.C.C., Sonke J.E., Chmeleff  J., van Beek P., Souhaut M., Boaventura G., Seyler P., Jeandel C., 2015. Rapid neodymium release to marine waters from lithogenic sediments in the Amazon estuary, Nature Communications DOI: 10.1038/ncomms8592.

24. Sanial V., van Beek P., Lansard B., Souhaut M., Kestenare E., d’Ovidio F., Blain S., 2015. Use of Ra isotopes to deduce rapid transfer of sediment-derived inputs off Kerguelen, Biogeosciences, 12, 1415-1430, doi:10.5194/bg-12-1415-2015.

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1. van Beek P, Reyss J-L, 2001. 226Ra in marine barite : new constraints on supported 226Ra, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 187, 147-161


Other :


Participation to the GEOTRACES intercalibration exercise (Radium isotopes)

Charette M., Dulaiova H., Gonneea M., Henderson P., Moore W., Scholten J., Pham M., 2012. GEOTRACES radium isotopes interlaboratory comparison experiment, Limnology and Oceanography : Methods 10, 2012, 451-463


Book chapter

C. Jeandel, P. van Beek, F. Lacan, Les éléments chimiques et isotopes, traceurs des échanges Terre-Mer. Collection Mer & Océan, vol.1, ch.5, p:181-208   


phD students


- Emilie Le Roy (2016-) : Study of the distribution of natural radionuclides along the GA01 section in the North Atlantic (226Ra, 228Ra and 227Ac) (Geovide project/ GEOTRACES); FEDER European Union/ Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée
- Simon Bejannin (2016-) : Study of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) along the French mediterranean coastline (MED-SGD project); FEDER European Union/ Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée
- Virginie Sanial (2012-15) : Study of the natural iron fertilization off the Kerguelen and Crozet Islands (Southern Ocean, KEOPS 2 project/ GEOTRACES)
- Michael Bourquin (2006-09): Study of the natural iron fertilization off the Kerguelen Islands (Southern Ocean, KEOPS project


Experience at Sea (268 d)


  • 2011 : 53 days on RV Marion Dufresne; KEOPS-2 cruise off Kerguelen Islands; water sampling, suspended matter sampling using large volume in situ pumps; analysis at sea of short half-life Ra isotopes.
  • 2010 : 13 jours sur le RV Marion Dufresne ; échantillonnage d’eau de mer au large de l’Indonésie (projet INDOMIX) : étude du mélange dans l’océan par les isotopes du radium (223Ra, 224Ra, 226Ra, 228Ra) et l’227Ac
  • 2008 : 10 days as Chief Scientist on RV ANTEA (IRD); Sampling of the Amazon river, off French Guyana; analysis of radium isotopes (223Ra, 224Ra, 226Ra, 228Ra); AMANDES project.
  • 2007 : 12 days on RV ANTEA (IRD); Sampling of the Amazon river, off French Guyana; analysis of radium isotopes (223Ra, 224Ra, 226Ra, 228Ra); AMANDES project
  • 2006 : 1 day on RV MINIBEX (COMEX); sampling in the Golfe of Lion; analysis of radium isotopes (223Ra, 224Ra, 226Ra, 228Ra) : intercomparison study LEGOS/LSCE/CEREGE
  • 2005 : 45 days on RV Marion Dufresne; KEOPS cruise off Kerguelen Islands (chief scientists : Bernard Quéguiner, Stéphane Blain); water sampling, suspended matter sampling using large volume in situ pumps; analysis at sea of short half-life Ra isotopes.
  • 2003 : 2 days on Théthys II (Dyfamed Time-Series; BARMED project) as chief scientist; water sampling, suspended matter sampling using large volume in situ pumps
  • 2003 : 2 Field trips on Loch Etive, Scotland; water sampling
  • 2002 : 30 days on R.V. Mirai (JPAC, north west Pacific, Alaska-Japan; chief scientists : Susumu Honjo & Makio Honda), water sampling, suspended matter sampling using large volume in situ pumps, mooring deployment
  • 2002 : 4 days on the R.V. KOK and 4 days on R.V. Wecoma (HOT Time series, Hawaii; chief scientist : Mike Bacon), water sampling, suspended matter sampling using large volume in situ pumps
  • 2002 : 5 days on the R.V. Weatherbird II (OFP time series, Bermuda; Chief scientist : Maureen Conte), water sampling, suspended matter sampling using large volume in situ pumps, mooring deployment
  • 2000 : 66 days on board of Polarstern, Germany (Cape Town – Antarctica - Cape Town; chief scientist : Gerd Kuhn)), coring
  • 1996 : 21 days on board of R.V. Pelagia, The Netherlands, along the spanish coast (Vigo-Texel, OMEX program; chief scientist : Tjeerd van Weering); Water sampling for 234Th, 228Ra and 226Ra measurements and coring




  • SELECT (opération FEDER 2016-18 Europe/ Région Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée) : « Sélection de matériaux « bas niveau » au laboratoire souterrain LAFARA pour la fabrication d’instruments et d’équipements de mesure nucléaire ultra-performants » Partenariat public-privé et développement du laboratoire souterrain LAFARA (PIs : P. van Beek/ M. Souhaut)
  • MED-SGD (ANR-15-CE01-0004; 2016-2019) : “Submarine Groundwater Discharge: A hidden source of chemical compounds at the land-ocean interface” (PI: P. van Beek)
  • GEOVIDE (French contribution to the GEOTRACES program), 2014-16 (PIs: Géraldine Sarthou and Pascal Lherminier), section in the North Atlantic
  • KEOPS-2, ANR-LEFE 2011-2013 (PI: S. Blain), KErguelen compared study of the Ocean and the Plateau in Surface water 2
  • SOLWARA, ANR-LEFE (PI: S. Cravatte, A. Ganachaud)
  • RTRA CYMENT, SGD along the French Mediterranean coastline
  • AMANDES, ANR Blanc 2006-2008 (PI : C. Jeandel, P. Seyler) : Weathering and transport of elements at a crucial land-sea interface (Amazone estuary)
  • TARDHOL, EVE (PI : X. Crosta) : Variabilité climatique récente des hautes latitudes nord et sud : Focus sur le Tardi-Holocène et téléconnections inter-hémisphériques
  • BARNIC, 2004-05 (PI: P. van Beek) : Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Marine Barite as a Tracer of Past Oceanic Circulation
  • KEOPS, PROOF/CYBER 2005-2007 (PI: S. Blain), KErguelen compared study of the Ocean and the Plateau in Surface water
  • BARMED, PROOF, Mediterranean Sea, 2003-2006 (PI: C. Jeandel)
  • JPAC, North West Pacific, 2001-2011 (PIs: S. Honjo, M. Honda, R. François)

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