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Over the last decade, the Regional Oceanic Modeling System (ROMS) was developed between UCLA, Rutgers University and IRD. It is a three-dimensional numerical oceanic model intended for simulating the circulation, biogeochemical cycles, and sediment dynamics in various coastal regions and at high resolution. The IRD version of the model, ROMS-AGRIF, makes use of the AGRIF grid refinement procedure developed at LJK-IMAG (Grenoble) and is accompanied by a powerful toolbox for ROMS pre- and post-processing: ROMSTOOLS.

ROMS_AGRIF is now transitioning toward CROCO. This is a research proposal to develop a community model for coastal multiscale and multidisciplinary oceanography. The originality of this project relies on the sharing of experiences from a consortium of several teams working on different models (ROMS, MARS, SNBQ, HYCOM).

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