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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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François Lacan

by François Lacan — last modified Nov 21, 2017 11:55 AM



François Lacan

CNRS Researcher at LEGOS

Head of the Toulouse Marine Isotopy group


14 avenue Edouard BELIN



Email :                null

Téléphone :33 5 61 33 30 43


Background and mobility :

Research Director (DR2 CNRS) LEGOS, France, Oct. 2017 – present.

Researcher (CR1 CNRS) LEGOS, France, Oct. 2009 – Sept 17.

• Researcher (CR2 CNRS) LEGOS, France, Oct. 2005 – Sept 09.

• Post-Doctoral Fellow LSCE, France, Jan. 2005 – Sep. 2005.

• Post-Doctoral Fellow WHOI, USA, Feb. 2003 – Jun. 2004.

• Teaching assistant (part time) Toulouse III University, France, 2002.


Scientific interests :

Geochemistry applied to matter fluxes and water mass transports in the modern ocean. Multi-tracer approach. Hydrology. Modelling of geochemical tracers. Paleoceanography proxy calibration.

• Iron isotopes: origins of iron inputs to the ocean, role of the margins in the iron oceanic cycle.

• Neodymium isotopes: water mass circulation and mixing, terrigeneous inputs, dissolved-particulate exchanges.

• Thorium and Protactinium isotopes: deep water ventilation, scavenging, particulate fluxes.

• Cadmium isotopes: primary production, carbon fluxes, deep water ventilation.


Collective charges :

• Member of the national REGEF board (Réseau Géochimique et Expérimental Français; 2016 - present)

• Head of the Geochemistry group at LEGOS (Jan. 2011 – present)

• Head of the OMP ICPMS facility board (2012 – present)

• Head of the Clean Lab facility at LEGOS (2005 – present)

• Member of the LEGOS Scientific Board (Nov. 2016 - present)

• Elected member of the Scientific board of OMP (Observatoire Midi Pyrénées) (2009-present)

• Member of the OMP ICPMS facility board (2006 – 2012)

• Member of the LEGOS computing board (2006-present)

• Webmaster of the Geochemistry group at LEGOS (2010-present)


Students and postdocs:

• PhD Students

L. Artigue (2016-2019)

C. Abadie (2011-2014)

M. Labatut (2010-2013)

A. Radic (2007-2011)

• Postdocs

J. Klar (2016-2018)

Y. Zhang (2006-2008)

• Master 2 students

M. Labatut (2010)

• Master 1 students

M. Labatut (2009)



Cruises :

•GEOVIDE : R/V Pourquoi Pas ?, Ifremer, May June 2014, North Atlantic

• PANDORA : R/V Atalante, Ifremer, July August 2012, Solomon Sea.

• INDOMIX : R/V Marion Dufresne, IPEV, July 2010, Indonesia.

• BONUS-GOODHOPE : R/V Marion Dufresne, IPEV, Feb. Mar. 2008, South Africa - Southern Ocean.

• EUCFe - ISOFERIX : R/V Kilo Moana, Univ of Hawaii, Sept. Oct. 2006, Hawaii - Papua New Guinea.

• TIP2000 : (R/V Marion Dufresne, IFRTP, France, Sept. 2000, Indonesia - Australia.




• IRONIC (IDEX, PI. F. Lacan, LEGOS). 2016-2018. Iron isotopes in the North Atlantic

• OPTIMISP (INSU, PI. F. Lacan, LEGOS). 2012. Optimization of In Situ Pumps.

• KEOPS2 (INSU-ANR, PI. S. Blain, LOMIC). 2011-2014. Kerguelen Ocean and plateau compared study 2.

• INDOMIX (INSU, PI. A. Koch-Larrouy, LEGOS). 2010-2012. Physical and geochemical transformations within the Indonesian throughflow.

• SOLWARA (INSU-ANR, PI. A. Ganachaud, LEGOS). 2008-2013. Physical and geochemical transformations within the Salomon Sea.

• GEOCAL (INSU, PI. F. Lacan, LEGOS). 2008-2010. A French contribution to the GEOTRACES intercalibration effort (Fe, Nd and Ra isotopes, 231Pa, 230Th)

BONUS-GOODHOPE (LEFE, ANR, PIs M. Boyé LEMAR, S. Speich LPO). 2007-2012. Interactions between the dynamic, circulation, biogeochemistry and geochemistry in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean and its exchanges with the Indo-Atlantic connection.

• ISOFERIX (INSU, PI. F. Lacan, LEGOS). 2006-2008. ISOtopic tracing of Fe sources in the Equatorial Pacific: impact on new primary production and nitRogen fIXation (EUCFE cruise)

• AMANDES (ANR, PI. C. Jeandel, LEGOS). 2006-2008. Weathering and transport of elements at a crucial land-sea interface (Amazone estuary)

KEOPS (INSU, PI. S. Blain. LOB). 2005-2007. KErguelen :compared study of the Ocean and the Plateau in Surface water

• MOZAIQUE (INSU, PI. J-C Dutay, LSCE). 2006-2009. Modeling of trace elements in the ocean: Neodymium (Nd), Protactinium (Pa) and Thorium (Th)

• OceanicCdIC (WHOI, PI. R. Francois). 2003. Cadmium isotopic composition in the ocean

• SIGNATURE/GINS (INSU, PI C. Jeandel, LEGOS). 1999-2002. Neodymium isotopic composition in the North Atlantic



Skills :

• Trace element chemistry (notably in seawater). Preconcentration, purification (liquid chromatography), mineralization (notably microwave);

• Mass spectrometry :Thermo Ionization (Thermo Finnigan MAT 261), Inductively Coupled Plasma: single collection (Perkin-Elmer ELAN 6000, Thermo Finnigan Element II) and multi collection (Thermo Finnigan Neptune), isotopic dilutions, double spiking, interference corrections, sensitivity corrections, mass bias corrections;

• Atomic Absorption;

• Seawater sampling (trace metals, suspended particles, in situ pumps...);

• Core sampling. Pore water sampling.

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