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ariane-koch-larrouyAriane Koch-Larrouy

Female, 34 years old, French


18 Avenue Edouard Belin

31401 Toulouse , FRANCE

Tel : +33 5 61 33 28 47

Fax : + 33 5 61 25 32 05





Career objective


My objective is to do research in physical oceanography in the perspective of understanding the role of ocean in climate and on ecosystem. I have been mainly working on the mixing induced by internal tides and by tropical cyclones on the ocean properties.

In the Indonesian Seas, generation and dissipation of internal tides are very strong, and occur close to the surface layer du to the shallow and complex bathymetry. In such a region, I developed adapted parameterisation of internal tidal mixing in a model that allows the model to reproduce well the observed water mass transformation from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. This parameterisation was then tested in coupled climate models and proves to influence the atmospheric mean state and variability, such as ENSO and the Indian Ocean Dipole. I then organized a cruise at sea to provide the first direct measurement of this dissipation validating the hypothesis found by the model studies. Now we use coupled model with biogeochemistry, and study the potential impact of this mixing on the biogeochemical parameters. Thus I am preparing another cruise in the Indonesian archipelago in 2015, in order to measure the internal tidal mixing above other straits, and quantify the impact on biological parameters, such as nutrients, CHLa, micronekton until tuna larvae distribution. From an other point of view, I am working on how to detect these internal tides using altimetry, and thus I am trying to modelise using simplified barotropic and baroclinic models their generation, propagation and from in-situ climatology to characterized their length scale.


Cruise and International comity 

2015                  Chief scientist and PI of the INDOBioMIX 2015 cruise, on board of the GEOMARIN III. Co-chief of mission: A. Atmadipoera (IPB, Indonesia), Objectives: measure of internal tides mixing in the Indonesian seas, and its impact biogeochemistry and biological parameter. Acoustic and optic measure of biomass, CHLa, Nutrients, O2, Turbulent Dissipation using a VMP. Deployment of ARGO floats

Since 2012        Member of the Indonesian Task Team of CLIVAR, in order to organize and maintain a coherent network of observational array. Coordination of observational needs, Training and capacity building.

2010                  Chief scientist and PI of the INDOMIX 2010 cruise, on board of the Marion Dufresne. Co-chief of mission: A. Atmadipoera (IPB, Indonesia), Objectives: measure of internal tides mixing in the Indonesian seas, and of the transport through the Halmahera passage. Measures of geochemistry and biochemistry concentrtation. Measure of atmospheric fluxes

2005              Participated to the INSTANT program, with R. Molcard, J. Sprintall, S. Wijffels, G. Illahude, D. Susanto, recovery and redeployment of moorings in Lombok, Ombai and Timor, Indonesia, CTD watch, profiles from XBT, Control of thermosalinometers


Teaching experiment


2014     Teacher at the CLIVAR ITF TT,  “Matching Oceanographic Problems of the Indonesian Seas (ITF) to the Right Data Sets and Model”, with J. Sprintall, T. Lee, A. Gordon, K. Pujiana, Y. M. Radjawane,

2013      Teacher and organizer of the INDOMIX Training school and Wrokshop,  “International Training and Workshop on Modeling Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry in the Nusantara Waters towards understanding Pelagic Fisheries Production Dynamics”, with A. Atmadipoera, C. Menkes, M. Gehlen, P. Gaspar, Y Cuypers

2013-2017 Supervisor of a PhD (D. Nugroho from BRKP Indonesia), co-supervised with Philippe Gaspar CLS, Objectives: Internal tides and mixing in a 1/12 resolution model (NEMO)LEGOS, Toulouse

2013     Supervisor of a master (E. Guilhemat), co-supervised with Stephane Calmant, Objectives: construct a finer resolution and better bathymetry over the indonesian archipelagoLEGOS, Toulouse

2012     Co-supervisor of a master (F. Garnier), supervised by Laurent Testut, Objectives: reproduce the barotropic tides using the shallow water model Tugo-m and altimetric data in Khambhat gulf (arabian sea)

2011       Co-supervisor of a master (C. Brothier), supervised by Nick Hall, Objectives: variability and patterns of the Madden Julian Oscillation using a coupled modelLEGOS, Toulouse

2010      Supervisor of a master (A. Hasson), co-supervised by Rosemary Morrow Objectives: Origin, formation and transformation of sub Antarctic mode water in the South Pacific. Paper submitted after the internship

Education Background and 
Research experiment

 Since 2009     Researcher at the Institut de Recherche et de Developpement (IRD) at LEGOS, Toulouse (France), permanent position


2009          Research assistant at NOCS, Southampton (UK), with G. Madec, A. Cowards, G. Nurser, D. Smeed, A. Naveira-Garabato, B. Marsh, Internal tides parameterisation for the global Ocean

2008          Research assistant at LEGOS, Toulouse (France), with R. Morrow, Water masses transformation in the southern Ocean.

2004-2007     PhD in physical oceanography at Université Paris VI (France) with G. Madec, R. Molcard, LOCEAN. PhD thesis : Water masses transformation in the Indonesian ThroughFlow.

 2004         Master Degree in oceanography, meteorology and environmental sciences at Université Paris VI,: sub-mesoscale impacts on North Atlantic budget, with M. Lévy, LOCEAN

 2004         Physical Engineer in Fluid mechanics and oceanography, graduated from EGIM, Paris (France); studying mathematics, physics (solid and fluid mechanics) and computer sciences.



English fluent speaking and written                                                Spanish fluent speaking, advanced written





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