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  • Damien, P., O. Pasqueron de Fommervault, J. Sheinbaum, J. Jouanno, and O. Duteil. Partitioning of the Gulf of Mexico based on the seasonal and interannual variability of chlorophyll concentration. Accepted in JGR-Ocean.
  • Gough, M., F. Beron-Vera, M. Olascoaga, J. Sheinbaum, J. Jouanno and R. Duran. Persistent Lagrangian transport patterns in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Submitted to JPO.
  • Awo F. M., G. Alory, C. Y. Da-Allada, T. Delcroix, J. Jouanno, E. Baloïtch. Sea Surface Salinity signature of the tropical Atlantic interannual climatic modes. Submitted to JGR.
  • Kounta, L., Capet, X., Jouanno, J., Kolodziejczyk, N., Sow, B., and Gaye, A. T.: A model perspective on the dynamics of the shadow zone of the eastern tropical North Atlantic. Part 1: the poleward slope currents along West Africa, Ocean Sci. Discuss.,, in review, 2018.



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  • Pallàs-Sanz, E.J. CandelaJ. SheinbaumJ. Ochoa, and J. Jouanno (2016). Trapping of the near-inertial wave wakes of two consecutive hurricanes in the Loop Current. J. Geophys. Res. Oceans12174317454, doi:10.1002/2015JC011592.
  • Jouanno, J., J. Ochoa, E. Pallàs-Sanz, J. Sheinbaum, F. Andrade, J. Candela, J.M. Molines (2016). Loop Current Frontal Eddies : formation along the Campeche Bank and impact of coastally trapped waves. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 46(11), 3339-3363.
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  • Garcia-Jove M., J. Sheinbaum and J. Jouanno (2016). Sensitivity of Loop Current metrics and eddy detachments statistics to different model configurations: the impact of topography and Caribbean perturbations. Atmosfera, volume 29, number 3
  • Hernandez, O. , J. Jouanno and F. Durand (2016). Do the Amazon and Orinoco river plumes influence tropical cyclone-induced surface cooling. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans121(4), 2119-2141.
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