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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Marine Herrmann Marine Herrmann

Researcher, IRD

14 avenue Edouard BELIN 31400 TOULOUSE France
+33 5 61 33 30 56


- 2007 : Ph.D, Toulouse III University
- 2004 : M.S, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- 2003 : M.S, ENSTA
- 2001 : B.S, Ecole Polytechnique

Scientific activities

My main interest concerns the understanding of regional marine systems, based on the development and use of regional ocean-atmosphere and hydrodynamics-biogeochemical coupled models, jointly with in-situ and satellite observations. My research activity mainly focuses on two topics :

  • the functioning, interannual variability and long term evolution of several dynamic processes who contribute to the formation and fate of water masses of the regional ocean circulation.
  • the influence of those dynamics on pelagic planktonic ecosystems, through their role in the fate and mixing of water masses, hence of nutrients and plankton.

The two areas of study are :

  • The Mediterranean sea, in particular dense water formation in the Western Mediterranean through shelf and open-sea convection. I am particularly interested in 
      • mesoscale activity and influence on water masses formation and fate
      • importance and impact of atmospheric forcing dataset in deep convection modeling. More about it...
      • interannual variability and long term evolution of dense water formation. More about it...
      • monitoring deep convection using satellite altimetry data. More about it...
      • influence on oceanic and atmospheric circulations on marine ecosystems. More about it...
  • The South China Sea (e.g. Nha-Trang upwelling).
      • functioning and variability of the oceanic circulation at the regional scale
      • variability and influence of the Nha trang upwelling



Abroad : VNIO, USTH, VNU-HUS (Vietnam); ENEA, CNR-ISMAR (Italy);


USTH (, University of Sciences and Technology of Hanoi) :  resp. for the module "Numerical ocean modelling" of the Master "Water, Environment, Oceanography" (resp. Syvlain Ouillon)

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