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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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ORCA05 results on the interannual variability in the South West Pacific: Work in progress


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Billy's page on interannual work

4/04/2007  Summary.doc

Travail sur la bathy en mer des Salomons
test spinup_year10

Old Results: NGCC-NQC-SEC
Presentation Mandala aout 2005 Presentation du 5 avril 2005

Along the New Zeland-Japan XBT line:

  1. Mean zonal velocity
  2. interannual anomalies of transport
    1. comparison between different reference levels
    2. Comparison with the Caledonie/Salomon track

Transports between the islands:

  1. For every letter a transport calculation was done
  2. time series for the different transports
    1. Total transport
    2. interannual anomalies
  3. Comparison between the zonal transport trough the XBT line and the transport trough C,D,E
    1. transport from the surface to bottom between 20s and 10s
    2. interannual anomalies
  4. relation between the inflow and the outflow
    1. the inflow variablity from D is related to the outflow from A
    2. the inflow variablity from C is related to the outflow from B

Some SSH plots

  1. MEAN
  2. RMS
  3. RMS south west pacific
  4. Interannual RMS SSH anomalies along 20S-23S

Bifurcation along the Australian coast

    To illustrate the variability, we look at a section at 17°S between 146°E and 150°E (between the coast and a sea mount):   meridional velocity
  1. seasonal variability
      182 m depth   1992 june 1992 december
      732 m depth   1992 june 1992 december
  2. interannual variability
      182 m depth   1997 1999
      732 m depth   1997 1999

Discussion: RAPPORT2

  1. Time series of transport for the SEC (19s-13s, black, half value), the JNC (19s-17s, blue) and the JNV (15s-13s, red)   SEC transports
  2. Time series of latitude bifurcation anomaly (black: depth averaged, blue: at 800 m, red: at 300m)   Bifurcation anomaly
  3. Relation between the SEC transport (blue)and the bifurcation (red, reversed))   jet/bif
  4. Time series of the NQC at 14s (red) and the EAC at 26s (blue)   EAC/NQC
  5. Relation between the EAC (red) and the bifurcation at 800m (green, reversed)    EAC/Bifurcation at 800m
  6. Relation between the NQC (red)and the bifurcation at 150m (green, reversed)   NQC/bifurcation at 250m
  7. SSH signature of the NQC   NQC-ssh
  8. SSH signature of the EAC   EAC-ssh

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