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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Véronique GARCON


CNRS Senior Scientist

Adresse: LEGOS

18 avenue Edouard BELIN

31401 Toulouse Cedex 9
Email :
Phone : +33561332957
Fax :+33561253205






1995 :  Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Oceanography, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, France


1981 : PhD in Environmental Sciences (Energy and Pollutions), University Paris VII, Paris, France






1998- present CNRS Senior Scientist, LEGOS, Toulouse. Head of team Physical Dynamics/Marine biogeochemistry (DYNBIO)


1995-1996 Department of Geology and Geophysics, Oceanography and Meteorology Program, Princeton University, Princeton, USA, Jorge Sarmiento's Laboratory

1985- 1998
CNRS Scientist, UMR39/GRGS, IPGP/ Paris, and Toulouse, Jean François Minster’s Laboratory

1982-1984 Civil Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, USA, Sally Chisholm's Laboratory






  • 2011- present SOLAS Vice-Chair
  • 2011- present Scientific Committee of the INSU CYBER/LEFE program
  • 2007-present Scientific Steering and Executive Committee of the International IGBP/SCOR/WRCP/ICACGP SOLAS
  • 2006- present Scientific Committee of the National Military Oceanography (French Navy)
  • 2005- 2007 National Council of Universities (37th section)
  • 2004- present SOLAS/IGBP/SCOR/WRCP/ICACGP Focus 2 Implementation Plan Steering Committee
  • 2001-present Scientific Committee of IFREMER
  • 2001-2011 Secretary Oceanography Section Biogeochemistry, European Geophysical Union
  • 2001-2003 International JGOFS/IGBP Exec Committee, Vice-Chair
  • 1998-2003 Chairman International JGOFS/IGBP Regional Synthesis and Modelling Group on the North Atlantic
  • 1997-1998 International JGOFS/IGBP Regional Synthesis and Modelling Group on the North Atlantic
  • 1992-1998 International JGOFS/IGBP Global Synthesis and Modelling Task Team




Marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem dynamics; large scale ocean circulation and tracers; global carbon and nitrogen cycles; biogeochemical climatic monitoring (chemical sensors development).





  • 1985 Fondation de France grant
  • 1981-1982 Electricité de France grant



Some Relevant Publications

(from published total of 75)



- Oschlies, A. and Garçon, V.C., 1998, Eddy-induced enhancement of primary production in a coupled ecosystem-circulation model of the North Atlantic ocean, Nature, 394, 266-269.


- Koné, V., Machu, E., Penven P., Andersen V., Garçon, V., Demarcq H., and Fréon, P., 2005, Modelling the primary and secondary productions of the Southern Benguela upwelling system, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, vol 19, GB4021, doi:10;1029/2004GB002427, 2005.


- Paulmier, A., Ruiz-Pino, D., Garçon, V., and Farias, L., 2006, Maintaining of the Eastern South Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) off Chile, Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L20601, doi:10.1029/2006GL026801.


- Lacombe, M., Garçon,V., Comtat M., Oriol, L., Sudre J., Thouron D., Le Bris N., and Provost C. , 2007, Silicate determination in sea water : toward a reagentless electrochemical method, Marine Chemistry, 106, 489-497, doi:10.1016/j.marchem.2007.05.002


- Salihoglu, B., Garçon,V., Oschlies, A., and Lomas, M.W., 2008, Influence of nutrient utilization and remineralization stoichiometry on phytoplankton species and carbon export : a modelling study at BATS, Deep Sea Research Part I, 55, 73-107.


- Paulmier, A., Ruiz-Pino, D., and Garçon, V., 2008, The Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) off Chile as intense source of CO2 and N2O, Continental Shelf Research, 10.1016/j.csr.2008.09.012


- Rossi, V., Lopez, C., Sudre, J., Hernandez-Garcia, E., and Garçon, V., 2008, Comparative study of mixing and biological activity of the Benguela and Canary upwelling systems, Geophysical Research Letters, 35/L11602, 10.1029/2008GL033610


- Pottier, C., Turiel, A., and Garçon, V., 2008, Inferring missing data in satellite chlorophyll maps using turbulent cascading, Remote Sensing of Environment, 112, 4242-4260, 10.1016/j.rse.2008.07.010


- Charria, G., Dadou, I., Llido, J., Drévillon, M., Garçon, V., 2008, Importance of dissolved organic nitrogen in the North Atlantic ocean in sustaining primary production : a 3D modelling approach, Biogeosciences, 5, 1437-1455


- Omta, A.W., Llido, J., Garçon,V., Kooijman A.L.M., and Dijkstra H.A., 2009, The interpretation of satellite chlorophyll observations : the case of the Mozambique Channel, Deep Sea Research Part I, doi:10.1016/j.dsr.2009.01.011


- Tew Kai, E., Rossi, V., Sudre, J., Weimerskirch, H., Lopez, C., Hernandez-Garcia, E., Marsac, F., and Garçon, V., 2009, Top marine predators track Lagrangian coherent structures, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi/10.1073/pnas.0811034106


- Rossi, V., Morel, Y., and Garçon,V., 2009, Effect of the wind on the dynamics of the shelf : formation of a secondary upwelling along the continental margin, Ocean Modelling, doi: 10.1016/j.ocemod.2009.10.002


- Rossi, V., Lopez, C., Hernandez-Garcia, Sudre, J., Garçon, V. , and Morel, Y., 2009, Horizontal stirring and biological activity in the surface ocean of the four Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems, Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 16, 557-568.


- Yahia, H., Sudre, J., Pottier,C., and Garçon, V., 2010, Motion analysis in oceanographic satellite images using multiscale methods and the energy cascade, Pattern Recognition, 43 10.


- Gutknecht E., I. Dadou, G. Charria, P. Cipollini and V. Garçon, 2010,
Spatial and temporal variability of the remotely sensed chlorophyll-a signal associated with Rossby waves in the South Atlantic Ocean, Journal of Geophysical. Research, 115, C05004, doi:10.1029/2009JC005291


- Paulmier, A., Ruiz-Pino, D., and Garçon, V., 2011, CO2 maximum in the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ), Biogeosciences, 8, 1-14.


- E. Fahrbach , H.J.W. de Baar , V.C. Garçon and C. Provost, 2011, Introduction to physics, carbon dioxide, trace elements and isotopes in the Southern Ocean: The Polarstern expeditions ANT-XXIV/3 (2008) and ANT-XXIII/3 (2006), Deep Sea Research Part II, 58, 25 – 26, 2501-2509.


- Alderkamp, A-C., Garçon, V., de Baar H.J.W., and Arrigo, K., 2011, Short-term photoacclimation effects on photoinhibition of phytoplankton in the Drake Passage (Southern Ocean), Deep Sea Research Part I, 58, 943-955.


- Jonca, J., V. Leon-Fernandez, D. Thouron, A. Paulmier, M. Graco, and V. Garçon, 2011. Phosphate determination in seawater: Toward an autonomous electrochemical method, Talanta, doi:10.1016/j.talanta.2011.09.056 |


- Giraud, W., L. Lesven, J. Jonca, C. Barus, L. Gourdal, D. Thouron, M. Comtat, V. Garçon, 2012, Reagentless and calibrationless silicates measurement in oceanic water ,Talanta,,

- Grémillet, D., Puech, W., Garçon, V., Boulinier T., and Le Maho,Y., 2012, Robots in Ecology, Welcome to the Machine, Open Journal of Ecology, 2,2, 49-57.


- Jonca, J., W. Giraud, C. Barus, D. Thouron, G. Garçon, M. Comtat, 2012, Electrochemical and spectrophotometrical behaviour of isopoly- and heteropolyoxomolybdates fromed during anodic oxidation of molybdenum in seawater, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, in press.



Author and co-author of more than 400 communications (oral and posters) in national and international conferences and workshops



Reviewing activities :


Reviewer for international journals: JGR, GBC, Nature, JMR, DSR, GRL, Progress in Oceanography, etc..

Guest Editor for DSR Part II

Reviewer for the US National Science Foundation, German DFG, English NERC science proposals



Teaching activities :


Teaching within the Master Program DEA (Oceanology and Meteorology, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Present Oceanic Environments- Paleoclimatology and Paleooceanography, University Bordeaux I, of the graduate school “Sciences of the Environment”, International Summer Schools: JGOFS, European Science Foundation Transport in the Atmosphere and Ocean Program, GEFD Cambridge (UK) Summer School, Max Planck Institute Summer Schools, SOLAS/IGBP/SCOR/WRCP/ICACGP Summer Schools, EUR-OCEANS/NATO ASI Summer School..) Training to english scientific meetings: Oral and poster presentations, SDU2E Graduate School, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse


Supervision of highly qualified personnel (PhD students, post-docs, engineers)


Since 1987, supervision of 15 PhD theses, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, University Paris 7, Paris, among which 5 in co-advising. Since 1992, supervision of 12 post-doctoral fellows.


List of phD students and post-docs (non exhaustive):

phDs: Keitapu Maamaatuaiahutapu, Isabelle Dadou, Lionel Larqué, Frédéric Melin, Xavier Giraud, Eric Machu, Claire Pottier, Jérôme Llido, Martin Huret, Marielle Lacombe, Aurélien Paulmier, Justyna Jonca, Vincent Rossi,..

Post-docs: Matthew England, Andreas Oschlies, Jim Gunson, Marie Drévillon, Guillaume Charria, Jérôme Llido, Baris Salihoglu, Audrey Ruffien, Ludovic Lesven, Briac Le Vu, Phillip Wallhead…



Synergistic activities


2011-2013 Scientific Committee and co-Director of the 6th International SOLAS/IGBP Summer School,Xiamen, China


2010-2011 Scientific Committee and Director of the 5th International SOLAS/IGBP Summer School,

Cargese, France


2010-2011 Organizer and Scientific Committee of the EUR-OCEANS Conference on “Ocean Deoxygenation and implications for marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems”, Toulouse, 24-26 October 2011


2010-present Topic Editor, Limnology and Oceanography Fluids and Environments


2009-2010 Scientific Committee of the SOLAS/IGBP/SCOR/WRCP/ICACGP Workshop, IMARPE, Lima, Peru, 8-10 November 2010

2008-2009 Scientific Committee and Director of the 4th International Summer SOLAS/IGBP/SCOR/WRCP/ICACGP Summer School, Cargese (France)


2008-2009 Scientific Committee of the SOLAS Open Conference, Barcelona, Spain,

November 2009.


2007-2008 Scientific Committee of the International Symposium on Eastern Boundary Upwelling Ecosystems, Spain, 2008, (IRD/GLOBEC/IMBER/SOLAS/EUR-OCEANS)

2006-2007 Scientific Committee of the SOLAS Open Conference, Xiamen,

China, March 2007.

2006-2011 Management Committee of European COST Action 735


2006- 2007 Scientific Committee of the 3rd International Summer SOLAS/IGBP Summer School, Cargese (France)


2005-2006 Scientific Committee of the EUR-OCEANS/NATO Summer School on Climate Changes Impact on Marine Ecosystems, Ankara (Turkey)


2005 Scientific Committee of the 2nd International Summer SOLAS/IGBP Summer School, Cargese (France)


2004-present Science Advisory Council, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom


2004-present Convenor and/or Co-convenor European Geophysical Union

General Assembly, Ocean Section, Nice, France and Vienna, Austria


2004-2006 Expert Member of the Marie Curie Fellowships Environment Panel, EC, FPVI


2004 EUROCLIMATES Panel of the European Science Foundation


2003 Scientific Committee of the 1st International Summer SOLAS/IGBP Summer School, Cargese (France)


2003 Scientific Committee of the final JGOFS Open Science Conference, Washington DC, (USA)


2000-2001 Science and Management Audit (SMA) of SOC, Southampton Oceanography Center, United Kingdom



Oceanographic cruises

(over the last four years)


DRAKE (ANTXXIII-3) cruise, PFS Polarstern, AWI, Germany, CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability), Drake Passage, 14 January-8 February 2006.

DRAKE (ANTXXIV-3) cruise, PFS Polarstern, CLIVAR, International Polar Year-CASO Cape Town, Drake Passage, 25 March-16 April 2008.

DRAKE (ANTXXV-4) cruise, PFS Polarstern, CLIVAR, Drake Passage, 20 March- 9 April 2009.




Outreach activities


Participation to several Scientific shows from Cité de l ‘Espace, Toulouse

Scientific Partner of the BANQUISE Expedition from Dr Jean Louis Etienne, September 2001- July 2002

Scientific Partner Protocol Passion Research CNRS/Toulouse Academy, September 2002- June 2003, and September 2003-June 2004

Charria, G., I. Dadou, M. Drévillon, J. Llido, and V. Garçon, 2006. Coupled physical / biogeochemical modelling at mesoscale in the North Atlantic Ocean: Rossby waves, an example of coupled process, Newsletter MERCATOR (, February 2006.

Web INSU Science News: L’effet des tourbillons sur la productivité biologique des upwellings, 11 June 2008,,effet-tourbillons-productivite-biologique-upwellings.html (Rossi et al, GRL, 2008)

University Paul Sabatier Science Journal, No 14, November 2008, page 27, Vie des Laboratoires : Plus de tourbillons, moins de poissons, (Rossi et al, GRL, 2008)

Web INSU Science News : Des prédateurs supérieurs marins qui suivent les structures fines de l'océan superficiel, 11 May 2009,,predateurs-superieurs-marins-qui-suivent-structures-fines-ocean-superficiel.html (Tew Kai et al., PNAS, 2009)


DYNBIO Team Composition 2010-2012



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