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by Webmaster Legos last modified Jun 28, 2012 02:44 PM

ADCP treatment: notes from Alex Ganachaud

Noumea SADCP software usage (matlab+CODAS/P. Grimigni)

Example on Secalis-2:

  • Goto SADCP/seca2/auto
  • edit and run  startup_adcp
  • run contadcp
  • in many places Alex G had to edit files so that eval(sprintf('%s ...',charept turns into eval(sprintf('cd %s ...'
  • hourly data OK, correspond roughly to 0.2d with ALIS
  • Station data produces several profiles per station
  • Check all options (average, station, hourly) at once to get output files for each
  • errors seem corrupted in netcdf outputs: use matlab.
  • .mat files: velocity output and errors are repeated from one station to the next if next vector is not filled completely: needed to get back to the uv and xy files: need to input uv and xy files, then the reformated to get z  and error !

Treatment for regional data base construction:

  1. Data selection:
    1. From Firing database: automatic selection: select_cruise_firing.m / list output in region_145_166_-15_-3_adcp_cruises.txt
    2. From Noumea database: automatic selection: select_cruises_fromnoumea.m / list output in region_145_166_-15_-3_adcp_cruises_noumea.txt
    3. From CSIRO: manual; list in region_solomon_adcp_cruises_csiro.txt
  2. Database construction: make_sadcp_regionalbase.m. or each section/cruise from preceeding list files:
    1. Calculates hourly averages if not already. Takes care of data gaps (calls, etc).
    2. Clean ADCP profiles in 3 steps: Step 1: Display any profile that is more than 2.5 std dev from the 20 surrounding profiles; prompt for manually data removal if needed
    3. Step 2: Filter test on second derivative (display if more than 7 std deviation from surrounding 20 profiles
    4. Step 3: Display chuncks of 20 profiles; visually check the chunk and removes outliers
    5. save database in a structure sadcp(icruise).xxx; list cruises in text file list_adcp_cruise_bydate_region_166_145_-15_-3.txt
  3. Analysis
    1. analyse_dbasesadcp.m : produces large figures with a) all profile location; b) by season; c) by layer with vector-averages and colour corresponding to time
  4. Layer average and conversion to OI input format
    1. champs_sadcp_u_and_v_rot_alex.m (original program: Q-P Duong)
  5. end

Transports in Straits or sections:

  1. analyze_adcp_<secname>.m: finds adcp cruises that are within a box; show multiple plots; permits subselection for transports calculation
  2. trans_adcp_<secname>.m: projects adcp against a given track; calculates cross-flow velocities and transports.

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