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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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by Webmaster Legos last modified Jun 25, 2012 01:28 PM

Solomon Sea Selection, A. Ganachaud/S. Cravatte
CSIRO site

SADCP script: read_csiro.m. For CSIRO data we had to subtract the ship velocity in some cases (run with p_debug for the first try; watch ship velocity correction parameter).
Interesting adcp report from FR03/2000 (lookup fr0003ap.pdf): error at ship speed: 4.4cm/s at 12 knots ship speed; 2.7 cm/s at 12 knots for FR02/2002.

    1. FR04/88 April-May 1988, Vitiaz, St-Georges description (20-min)
    2. FR05/88 June-July 1988, Gulf of Papua-Louisiades  description (20-min)
    3. FR06/90 July 1990, Gulf of Papua-Louisiades description (20-min)
    4. FR07/90 Sept 1990, Meridional cross Solomon and Vitiaz  description (20-min)
    5. FR08/90 Oct 1990, 2 meridional cross Solomon; close Vitiaz and Solomon Sts description (-min)
    6. FR05/92 Jun-Jul 1992, StGeorges Solomon description (60-min)
    7. FR08/93 Jun-Jul 1993, meridional 155E description (60min)
    8. FR04/97 May 1997, Cairns to Vitiaz along coast, description (60-min)
    9. FR06/97 Jul-Aug 1997, Cairns to Vitiaz along coast, description (60-min); interruption de 7j au profil 91(21 au 28juillet)
    10. FR07/97 Aug 1997, Nord PNG, equ, Solomon St, description (60-min)
    11. FR01/2000 Jan-Feb 2000, StGeorges Vitiaz description (60-min)
    12. FR02/2000 Feb 2000, Cairns-Solomon St, description (60-min)
    13. FR03/2000 Apr-May 2000, Cairns-StGeorges, description (60-min)
    14. FR04/2000 May 2000, St-Georges/Solomon/South description (60-min)
    15. FR02/2002 Mar 2002, Cairns-Vitiaz-StGeorges description (-min)
    16. FR03/2002 Mar-Apr 2002, Solomon Isl., SolomonSt/St-Georges description (60-min)

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