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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Results from the Ganachaud and Wunsch global hydrographic inverse model from the WOCE data

by Alexandre Ganachaud — last modified Feb 05, 2013 11:27 AM


Use at your own risk, with caution, check with Alexandre Ganachaud

Results published in Ganachaud, A. Large scale mass transports, water mass formation and diffusivities estimated from the WOCE hydrographic data, J. Geophys. Res., 108, DOI2002JC001565, 2003


Absolute transport across each section by density class and for each pair

The following files contain, for each WOCE section, for each property
(1=mass,2=heat,3=salt,4=oxyg,5=phos,6=sili,7=nita,8=po,9=no,10=nstar) :

  • abstrans(nlay, npair): our estimate of absolute property transport. Last "pair" is correction to the initial net Ekman transport across the section.
  • gunit: string: units of transports
  • tekk(nlay): Initial Ekman transport in each layer
  • Twbc: possible western boundary transport if not resolved by the section (e.g., continental North Brazil Current)
  • : name of section
  • gsec.EkmanT: total mass Ekman transport
  • gsec.perEk:  part of the Ekman transport in each layer, starting at surface
  • gsec.npair: number of pair of the section
  • gsec.binit: initial reference velocities (a priori)
  • gsec.bstd:  initial reference velocity uncertainties (a priori size of solution)
  • gsec.rl: reference level.  gsec.isa gives the section indice as gsec.rl is specified for all  sections of a given box. See the  hydrosys home page for explanations.
  • gsec.gip2select: selection of pairs from original section if some pairs were removed
  • gsec.lon
  • position of stations (not pairs!)
  • gsec.glevel: neutral surfaces defining the layers.
  • gsec.lidep(ipair,ilay) depth (in meters) of each layer interface

  • Last layer is top-to-bottom

Dianeutral terms and box properties

For each box, dianeutral terms and box average properties are given in the following files

    Boxes are named after deep topographic features:

    barracuda: A5A6
    romanche: A6A6
    helena: A8A9
    georgia:A11 A12 A21`
    agulhas:A12 I6
    kerguelen:I6 I5 I9S
    adelaide: I9S P12
    sanmartin: P12 P6 A21
    paques: P6 P21
    P21P3: P21 J89 P3 (J89 is ITF JADE 89 section)
    mendocino: P3P1
    aleutian: North of P1
    madagascar: I5 I4 I3
    tromelin: I3 I2E I10
    comores: I4 I2W
    rowley: I2W I2E I10 J89

    Variables in each file:

    a)property specific

    wtran dwtran : dianeutral advective property transports, uncertainty (1 std deviation). (See sections for units: 10^9 kg/s; PW; 10^6kg/s and kmol/s)
    kztran dkztran :  dianeutral diffusive property transports, uncertainty (1 std deviation).

    b)common to all properties

    wstar dwstar : vertical velocities (cm/s), uncertainty (1 std deviation)
    kzstar dkzstar:  diffusivities (cm2/s) , uncertainty (1 std deviation)

    boxi: structure with fields (example for 12 layes and 10 properties)

    conseq: [1x1 struct] conservation equations. See the  hydrosys home page for explanations.
    modelid: '1':          ID (label) for the model inversion
    name: 'rowley':     name of box
    harea: [1x11 double]    horizontal area of each neutral surface (from Levitus)
    zonalcoast: 0    See  hydrosys
    nlay: 12        layer #
    glevels: [1x12 double]    neutral surface interfaces
    lavg: [12x10 double]    average property over the layer (rho C)
    lstd: [12x10 double]    std. deviation  --------------
    lrms: [12x10 double]    rms -----------------------
    liavg: [12x10 double]    average rhoC on the interface (from section data only)
    listd: [12x10 double]    std deviation ---------------
    lirms: [12x10 double]    rms -----------------------
    lavgwdth: [12x1 double]    average height of the layer
    lverarea: [12x1 double]        vertical area of the layer intersection with the sections
    liavgdCrdz: [10x10 double]    average d(rhoC)/dz from sections
    lavgprop: [12x10 double]    average C over the layer
    lstdprop: [12x10 double]     All same as above, but for C instead of rhoC
    lrmsprop: [12x10 double]
    liavgprop: [12x10 double]
    listdprop: [12x10 double]
    lirmsprop: [12x10 double]
    liavgdCdz: [10x10 double]


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