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Diags sostide-am

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Two simulation with and without tidal forcing are available. A simple way of studying the water mass transformations is to analyse the T, S, and TS diagrams of both simulations and look the changes brought by  tides.

  • Here are TS diagrams on different zones of the Solomon Sea. The analysis are done from daily output for 1995-1997.
Solomon Islands East Solomon-Woodlark South entrance + north Solomon Strait South entrance + north Vitiaz Strait South entrance + north Vitiaz Strait (as in Melet et al., 2010b) South Solomon Strait & St George's Channel South & North Solomon Strait South & North Solomon Strait  South & North Vitiaz Strait Around Woodlark


  • Temperature and salinity over sigma 23.3 and 25.7
TemperatureSOSTIDE36-AM & SOSTIDE36-SM


  • Generation sites: W' = W - Wb; where W is the vertical velocity and Wb is vertical barotropic velocity.

Wb = integral (1/h * Wdz)


There are three (3) generation zones in the Solomon Sea: Solomon Strait, Solomon Islands and around Louisiade Archipelago.

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