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Ph.D Thesis (Doctorat d’Etat, 1975) in Geophysics (Rotation of the Earth), University of Toulouse, France



Director for Earth Sciences at the International Space Science Institute (ISSI), Bern, Switzerland (since 2013) and emeritus scientist at LEGOS/CNES, Toulouse, France (since 2010)



Research scientist at LEGOS/CNES; Deputy Director of LEGOS between 1996 and 2007 and head of the group ‘Géophysique, Océanographie et Hydrologie Spatiales’ at LEGOS until 2009.
Professor at the Collège de France, Annual Chair ‘Développement Durable- Environnement, Energie et Société’ (2012-2013)



Application of space techniques to geosciences

Satellite geodesy: gravity field and marine geoid; Earth rotation and polar motion; tides; precise positioning by space geodesy techniques and applications to tectonic motions, vertical crustal motions, motions of the center of mass of the Earth; temporal changes of the Earth gravity field and global mass redistributions among the surface fluid envelopes of the Earth (oceans, atmosphere, land)
Climate research: sea level variations at global and regional scales (observations from satellite altimetry and tide gauges; study of climatic causes: ocean thermal expansion and salinity effects, land ice melt, land water storage change, projections.); global water cycle and land hydrology from space.



240 articles in peer-reviewed international journals (ISI Web of Sciences, September 2020: 11 400 citations, Hindex 58).
Editor of 10 books (including: ‘Coastal Sea Level and Open Ocean Processes’, Cazenave et al. edts, Space science series of ISSI, Springer, 2020; ‘Measurement of Forest Properties for Carbon Cycle Research’, Cazenave et al. edts, Space science series of ISSI, Springer, 2019; ‘Satellite altimetry over oceans and land surfaces’, Stammer & Cazenave editors, Earth observation of global changes book series, CRC Press, 2018; ‘Integrative study of the global mean sea level and its components’ Cazenave et al. editors, Space science series of ISSI, Springer, 2017; ‘Remote sensing and Water
Resources’, Cazenave et al. editors, Space science series of ISSI, Springer, 2016; ‘Satellite Altimetry and Earth Sciences. A handbook of Techniques and Application, Fu & Cazenave editors, Academic Press, International Geophysics Series, Vol. 69, San Diego, USA, 2001’).
Author/co-author of popular books: ‘Formes et Mouvements de la Terre’, Belin Editions, Paris, 1994 (with Kurt Feigl); ‘La Terre vue de l’espace’, Belin Editions, Paris, 2004 (with D. Massonnet); ‘La Terre et l’environnement observés depuis l’espace’, Collège de France/Fayard, 2013.



    • Director for Earth sciences at ISSI (International Space Science Institute), Bern, Switzerland (2013- )
    • ‘President-Elect’ (2019-2020), then ‘President’ (2021-2022), Geodesy Section, AGU (American Geophysical Union)
    • Member of the Advisory Committee of ‘Future Earth’ (2018- )
    • Member of the evaluation panel ‘Research excellence of NERC’s Research Centres’, NERC (UK) (2020)
    • Member of the “Geodetic Infrastructure” panel, NRC (National Research Council, The National Academies, USA) (2017-2020)
    • Member of the “Scientific Advisory Board” of the “Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics”, Oslo University (2018- )
    • Member of the Scientific Advisory Panel for the National Sea Level Programme, Centre for Climate Research Singapore (2019-2022)



    • Member (‘Officer’) of the ‘Joint Scientific Committee’ of WCRP (World Climate Research Programme) (2013-2018)
    • Member of the “Strategic NASA Science Missions” panel, NRC (National Research Council, The National Academies, USA) (2016-2017)
    • Member of the ‘C. Whitten Medal Committee’, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2014-2018)
    • Member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change): ‘Lead Author’, ‘Sea Level’ chapter, 5th Assessment Report, Working Group I (2010-2013)
    • Member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change): ‘Lead Author’, ‘Sea Level’ chapter, 4th Assessment Report, (2004-2007)
    • Member of the ‘Earth System Sciences’ panel, (Advanced Grants), ERC (European Research Council) (2008-2015)
    • Member of the ‘Scientific Advisory Committee’, ‘Centre for Climate Dynamics’, Bergen University, Norway (2011-2013)
    • Member of the Scientific Council of ISSI (International Space Science Institute) (2010-2013)
    • Member of the ‘ NASA Earth sciences program assessment’ panel, NRC (National Research Council, The National Academies, USA) (2011-2012)
    • Member of the Steering Committee of GCOS (Global Climate Observing System) (2009-2012)
    • Member of the ‘Revelle Medal Committee’, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2011-2012)
    • Member of the evaluation committee of the Hadley Center/MetOffice, UK (2007-2010)
    • Member of the Scientific Council of GGOS (Global Geodetic Observing System),International Association of Geodesy (2006-2011)
    • Member of the ‘Space Geodetic Infrastructures’ panel, NRC (National Research Council, The National Academies, USA) (2008-2010)
    •  ‘Chair’ of the ‘Committee on International Award’, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2007-2010)
    • ‘International Secretary’ of the AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2002-2006)
    •  ‘Chair’ of the ‘Committee on International Participation’, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2002-2006)
    • Member of the panel ‘Water Resources and the Global Hydrological Cycle’; ‘Earth Science and Applications from Space’, ‘Decadal Survey’, NRC (National Research Council, The National Academies, USA) (2005-2007)
    • Member of the Steering Committee ‘Understanding Sea Level Rise and Variability’, WCRP (World Climate Research Program) (2005-2006) 
    • Member of the ‘Climate Change’ panel, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2003)
    • Member of the ‘Solid Earth Committee’, NRC (National Research Council, The National Academies, USA) (2004-2005)
    • ‘Chair’ of the ‘Geodesy Section’ of the EGS (European Geophysical Society) (2000-2004)
    • Member of the ‘Whitten Medal Committee’, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (2000-2002)
    • Member of the European Space Science Committee, ESF (European Science Foundation) (1997-2000)
    • Member of the ‘Union Fellow Committee’, AGU (American Geophysical Union) (1997-1999)
    • Chair of the ‘Earth gravity field’ Working Group, IAG (International Association of Geodesy) (1995-1999)
    • Member of the 'Macelwane Award Committee', AGU (American Geophysical Union) (1992-1994 ; 1994-1996)
    • Member of the Space Research committee, ESF (European Science Foundation) (1986-1989)
    • Member of the SSWG (Solar System Working Group), European Space Agency (1979-1982)




    • Expert, Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale (2020)
    • Member of the ‘Haut Conseil des Très Grandes Infrastructures de Recherche –HC TGIR-‘ of the French Ministry of Research (2020-2023).



    • Member of the ‘Comité d’Orientation Stratégique’, IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) (2016-2020)
    • Member of the Advisory Committee of Météo-France (2015-2019)
    • Member of the ‘Conseil Supérieur des Programmes’ (Ministry of Education) (2013-2016)
    • Chair of the scientific committee (COMSI) of Météo-France (2012-2015)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture de Purpan’ (2012-2016)
    • Member of the Advisory Committee of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)(2008-2015)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Ecole Polytechnique’ (2014-2016)
    • Chair of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Agence de l’Eau Adour-Garonne’ (2010-2013)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Institut Océanographique de Monaco’ (2009-2012)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Chaires Blaise Pascal’, Ile de France region (2006-2009)
    • Member of the Strategic Committee of the French Fleet (Ministry of Research) (2009-2010)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Office Parlementaire d’Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques (OPECST) de l’Assemblée Nationale et du Sénat’ (2002-2010)
    • Member of the ‘High Council’, Observatoire de Paris (2006-2010)
    • Chair of the search committee for the direction of the ‘Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris’ (2009)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the ‘Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris’ (2004-2009)
    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the City of Paris (2003-2008)
    • Member of the committee on ‘Gouvernance’ of the French Academy of sciences (2008)
    • Member of the ‘Visiting Committee’, ‘Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris’ (2008)
    • Member of the evaluation committee (senior members) of the ‘Institut Universitaire de France’ (2005-2006)
    • Member of the ‘Comité National d’Evaluation de la Recherche (CNER)’ (1999-2005)
    • Member of the ‘Conseil National de la Science (CNS)’ , Ministry of Research (1997-2002)
    • Member « Comité de Coordination des Sciences de la Terre et de l’Environnement (CCSPE) », Ministry of Research (1997-2003)
    • Chair of the « Action Concertée Incitative (ACI) Observation de la Terre », Ministry of Research (2001-2002)
    • Member of the committee ‘Terre-Atmosphère-Océan-Biosphère’ of CNES (1993-2003)
    • Member of the scientific committee of the Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers (INSU) (1996-2000)
    • Member of the ‘Comité de Perfectionnement de l’Institut Océanographique de Monaco’ (1995- 2001)
    • Co-chair of the ‘Comité National Français de Géodésie et de Géophysique (CNFGG)’ (1994-1998)
    • Member of the ‘Comité National du CNRS, section 21’ (1983-1987)
    • Member of the ‘ Comité National du CNRS, section 13’ (1992-1995)
    • Member of the Earth Science Committee of the ‘Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)’ (1994-1997)
    • Member of the ‘Comité de Programme de l'INSU (Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers) : Imagerie et Structure de la Terre’ (1988-1992)
    • Member of the ‘Tectoscope-Positionnement’ committee of INSU (Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers) (1991-1995)
    • Member of the ‘Pôle Espace du Conseil Régional de Midi-Pyrénées’ (1988-1992)
    • Chair of the Scientific Council of the ‘Groupe de Recherche de Geodesie Spatiale’ (GRGS) (1986-1992)






        • P.I. (with M. Mandea and V. Dehant) of the GRACEFUL project selected by ERC in the context of the ERC SYNERGY program (2020-2023)
        • Science Leader of the ‘Sea Level’ project, ‘Climate Change Initiative’, European Space Agency (ESA); Phase 3 (CCI+) (2019-2021)
        • Co-Investigator of the space mission ‘Jason-3’ for ‘Sea level and climate’ (2016-2020)



        • Science Leader of the ‘Sea Level’ project, ‘Climate Change Initiative’, European Space Agency (ESA) ; Phase 1 &2 (2011-2019)
        • Partner of the ESA project ‘Sea Level Budget Closure’ (2017-2019)
        • Coordinator of the national project ‘Télédétection et ressources en eau’ du RTRA ‘STAE’ (Réseau Thématique de Recherches Avancées’ ‘Sciences et Technologies pour l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace’) (2013-2014)
        • Scientific coordinator of the project ‘CECILE’ (Changements Environnementaux côtiers : Impacts de l’élévation du niveau de la mer), Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) (6 partners) (2010-2013)
        • Scientific partner of the European project ‘MONARCH’ (Arctic climate change), FP7 (2010-2013)
        • Coordinator of the national project CYMENT (Cycle de l’eau et de la matière dans les bassins versants ; de l’observation spatiale à la modélisation en hydrologie), RTRA ‘STAE’ (Réseau Thématique de Recherches Avancées’ ‘Sciences et Technologies pour l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace’) (8 partners) (2008-2011)
        • Co-Investigator of the space mission EUMETSAT/CNES/NASA ‘Jason-2/Ocean Surface Topography’ for ‘Sea level and climate’ (2008-2012)
        • Co-Investigator of the European project EUROCORES/Topo-Europe, ESF (European Science Foundation) for ‘Sea level change in the Mediterranean Sea area’ (2008-2010)
        • Principal Investigator of the space missions Topex-Poseidon and Jason-1 (CNES/NASA) for ‘Sea Level’ (1992-2008)
        • Principal Investigator of the space missions ERS-1/2 et ENVISAT (ESA) for ‘Marine geoid, marine geophysics and hydrology from space’ (1991-2010)
        • Co-investigator of the national project CASH (Contribution de l’Altimétrie Spatiale à l’Hydrologie) du ‘Réseau Terre Espace’, Ministry of Research (2001-2004)
        • Co-Investigator of the European project ‘SELF’ for ‘Sea level in the Mediterranean Sea) (1998-2000)
        • Principal Investigator of the Lageos 2 mission for ‘Geodesy and crustal deformations’ (years 1990s)
        • Principal Investigator of the French project DORIS for ‘Precise positioning’ (years 1990s)
        • Principal Investigator of the NASA Solid Earth programme for ‘Global Earth deformations’ (years 1990s)
        • Co-investigator of the space missions Geos-3 et Seasat for ‘Marine geoid and marine geophysics ‘ (1975-1978)
        • Principal Investigator of the space mission STARLETTE (1975)




        • Member Editor of PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA) (on going)
        • Member of the Editorial Board of « Scientific Data », Nature Publishing Group (on going)
        • Member of the advisory board of “One Earth” (ongoing)
        • Guest editor of Surveys in Geophysics (on going)
        • Editor of EOS (AGU) (2008-2012)
        • Guest Editor of the Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics (Springer) (2010, 2020)
        • Guest Editor of Comptes Rendus Géosciences (2008- 2010)
        • Editor-in-Chief of Earth and Planetary Science Letters (1997- 2003)
        • Member of the editorial board of Journal of Geodynamics (1994-1997)
        • Member of the editorial board of PAGEOPH (1989-1994)



        • International workshop ‘Probing the Earth’s deep interior using in synergy observations of the Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields, and of the Earth’s rotation’, ISSI (Bern, Switzerland, September 2020)
        • International workshop ‘Natural and man-made hazards monitoring by Earth Observation missions: current status and scientific gaps’, ISSI (Bern, Switzerland, April 2019)
        • International workshop ‘‘Understanding the relationship between coastal sea level and largescale ocean circulation’, ISSI (Bern, Switzerland, March 2018)
        • International Forum ‘Monitoring of coastal zones from space’, ISSI (Bern, Switzerland, October 2016)
        • International workshop ‘Integrative study of sea level and components’, ISSI (Bern, Switzerland, February 2015)
        • International workshop ‘Remote sensing and water resources’, ISSI (Bern, Switzerland, October 2014)
        • International workshop ‘Coastal impacts of climate change and sea level rise’, Collège de France (Paris, June, 2013)
        • Co-convenor of the session ‘Ocean dynamics and sea level’ du WCRP workshop ‘Climate Research in Service to Society’ (Denver, October 2011)
        • Member of the Steering Committee of the IPCC workshop ’ Sea level rise and ice sheet instabilities’ (Kuala-Lumpur, June 2010)
        • Convenor of several sessions at the AGU Fall Meetings and EGU General Assemblies
        • First international workshop on ‘Hydrology from Space’ (Toulouse, 2003)



        • Vetlesen Prize, Columbia University (2020)
        • BBVA Foundation, Frontiers of Knowledge Award (Climate Change Category) (2019)
        • Fellow, IUGG (International Union of Geophysics and Geodesy) (2019)
        • Grand Prix des Amis de la Cité de l’Espace (2018)
        • Nansen Polar Bear Award of the Norwegian Nansen Center (2016)
        • Georges Lemaître Prize, Université Catholique de Louvain (2015)
        • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science’ (AAAS) (2012)
        • ‘Bowie Medal’, American Geophysical Union (AGU) (2012)
        • Prize ‘Emile Girardeau’, Académie de Marine (2010)
        • Prize ‘Manley Bendall, Medal Albert 1er de Monaco’, Institut Océanographique (2008)
        • ‘Arthur Holmes’ Medal, European Geosciences Union (2006)
        •  ‘Vening Meinesz’ Medal, European Geophysical Society (1999)
        • ‘Fellow’, American Geophysical Union (AGU) (1996)
        • Prize Kodak-Pathé-Landucci, French Academy of sciences (1996)
        • Prize Doisteau-Blutet, French Academy of sciences (1990)
        • Bronze Medal, CNRS (1980)
        • Prize Doisteau-Blutet, French Academy of sciences (1979) CIVIL AWARDS
        • Commandeur, Légion d’Honneur (2018)
        • Grand Officier, Ordre National du Mérite (2015)
        • Commandeur, Ordre National du Mérite (2007)
        • Officier, Légion d’Honneur (2010)
        • Chevalier, Légion d’Honneur (2000)
        • Officier, Ordre National du Mérite (1997)
        • Chevalier, Ordre National du Mérite (1981)


        • Member, French Academy of sciences, since 2004
        • Foreign member, National Academy of Sciences (NAS), USA, since 2008
        • Foreign member, Académie Royale de Belgique, since 2014
        • Foreign member, Indian National Sciences Academy (INSA), New Delhi, since 2012
        • Foreign member, National Academy of Sciences of India, Allahabad, since 2008
        • Member, Academia Europaea, since 1990
        • Member, Académie Européenne de l'Air et de l'Espace, since 1986.
        • Member, Bureau des Longitudes, since 2014




        2019: University College (London, UK); ESA Atlantic Workshop (Southampton, UK); Asian School of Environment (University of Singapore); Welsh Lecture, University of Toronto (Toronto); University of Bristol (UK); Delft University (The Netherlands); Union lecture, UGGI (Montreal, Canada), ProISSI lecture, University of Bern (Switzerland)
        2018: University of Oslo (Norway); University of Liege (Belgium); Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (Shanghai), ESA Summer School (Frascati)
        2017: Royal Academy of sciences (Belgium); Academy of sciences of Morocco; University of Zurich; University of Hamburg
        2016: ESA Living Planet Symposium (Prague); CLIVAR open science conference (Qingdao, China);
        International conference on ‘Coastal dynamics and ecosystem change: Caribbean’ (Bonaire Island);
        Academy of sciences of Morocco (Rabat); Environmental Research Center (Bergen)
        2015 : ETH (Zurich) ; European Climate Research Alliance (Brussels); UNESCO (Our common future under climate change, Paris); French Embassy (Miami); Royal Academy of sciences (Stockholm)
        2014 : Institut Français de Tunis (Tunis); Royal Académie of sciences (Stockholm); Royal Academy of sciences (Brussels); Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (Shanghai) ; GIFT/EGU (Vienna)
        2013 : Institut Français de Madrid (Madrid) ; ETH (Zurich) ; Symposium COSPAR (Bangkok)
        2012: ERCA (European Research Courses on Atmospheres) (Grenoble); IODP-France (Paris); Center for Ice and Climate (Copenhaguen), Summer school on ‘Space Geodesy’, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (Shanghai); Département des Géosciences de l’Université de Princeton (Princeton)
        2011: Union Lecture on ‘Sea Level’ (UGGI) (Melbourne); Biomarine Business Convention (Nantes);
        International workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change (Tahiti)
        2010: 3rd bi-annual symposium on ‘Future Ocean’ of the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences (Kiel);
        ISSI workshop on ‘the Earth’s cryosphere and sea level change’ (Bern); IPCC workshop on ‘Sea level rise and ice sheet instabilities’ (Kuala Lumpur); ERCA (European Research Courses on Atmospheres) (Grenoble)
        2009: Side event ‘Impact of ice sheet melting to sea level rise : Past, present and future’, COP15 (U.N. world climate summit) (Copenhagen); ‘Sea level rise and coastal flooding - understanding the risk’ workshop of the Royal Society (London); ‘What is new since IPCC AR4?’ and ‘Sea level observations and causes ‘ symposia of the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Sciences (Chicago); ERCA (European Research Courses on Atmospheres)
        2008: Golden Jubilee of the Geological Society of India (Bangalore) ; ESF workshop on ‘Water and Life’ (Taormina) ; ESF workshop on ‘Improving estimates of the rate of sea level rise from the Greenland ice sheet’ (Majorca); James Baker Institute, Rice University (Houston); ‘Ocean climate
        and Sea level’ workshop at CAOS (Center for Atmosphere and Ocean Science), New-York University, (New York); ERCA (European Research Courses on Atmospheres) (Grenoble)
        2007: MacGill University (Montreal); NASA/GSFC (Greenbelt); Opening Ceremony Lecture of the annual congress of the Société Française de Physique (Grenoble); Annual Indian Science congress, Chidambaram University (India)
        2006: ONERC (Office National d’Evaluation du Changement Climatique) meeting on ‘Climate change in the Caribbean’ (Fort de France); Holmes Lecture of the European Geosciences Union (Vienna); UNESCO workshop on ‘Understanding sea level rise and variability’ (Paris); Indian
        Science Institute (Bangalore), NGRI (Hyderabad, India).


        ANNY CAZENAVE - PUBLICATIONS (status in September 2020)

        11 400 citations; Hindex = 58 (ISI Web of Sciences, September 2020)

        In italics: Names of PhD students and post-docs under the supervision of A. Cazenave


        1. Cazenave A. and the Climate Change Initiative Coastal Sea Level Team, Coastal sea level anomalies and associated trends 2 from Jason satellite altimetry over 2002-2018, Nature Scientific Data, in press, 2020.
        2. TrewinB., Cazenave A., Howell S., Huss M., Isensee K.,Palmer M.D., Tarasova O., and Alex Vermeulen A., Headline indicators for global climate monitoring, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, in press 2020.
        3. Chen J., Tapley B., Wilson C., Cazenave A., Sea K.W. and Kim J.S., Global ocean mass change from GRACE 1 and GRACE Follow-On, and altimeter and Argo measurements, Geophys. Res. Lett., submitted, 2020.
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