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Florence Birolflorence birol


Physicienne CNAP

Adresse: LEGOS

14 avenue Edouard BELIN

Email :
Téléphone : 05 61 33 29 24


Principal responsabilities (current)

  • 2012-present: Head of the CTOH Observation Service, LEGOS/OMP,
  • 2017-present: Conseil Scientifique Groupe de Mission Mercator Coriolis - Member
  • 2020-present: Conseil National des Universités - Section 37 - Member
  • 2020-present: Conseil National des Astronomes et Physiciens - Section Surfaces Continentales Océan Atmosphère - Vice présidente

Research interests:


  • Development of altimetric data tools and applications dedicated to coastal areas.
  • Environmental satellite data analysis.
  • Data analysis in physical oceanography for the study of currents, waves and sea surface height variations.
  • Coastal physical oceanography.


  • 2000-2001 : Postdocdoral scientist, Space Oceanography Division, CLS, Ramonville St Agne.
  • 2002-2003 : Postdocdoral scientist, Modelisation and Data Assimilation Group, LEGI, Grenoble.
  • 2004 : Research scientist, Data Assimilation Team, MERCATOR, Ramonville St Agne.
  • 2005-2017 : Associate Professor, LEGOS/OMP/University of Toulouse, Toulouse, FRANCE.
  • 2017-present : Professor, LEGOS/OMP/University of Toulouse Toulouse, FRANCE.



  • 1996 : DEA (M/S), University of Toulouse III.
  • 1999 : Ph. D., University of Toulouse III.


Peer-reviewed publications:

  • Birol, F, Leger, F., Passaro. M., Cazenave A., Nino F., Callafat F., Shaw A., Legeais J.F., Gouzenes Y., Schwatke C. and Benveniste J.: The X-TRACK/ALES multi-mission processing system: new advances in altimetry towards the coast. Advances in Space Research, In press, 2021.
  • The SL_cci+ coastal sea level team: Coastal sea level anomalies and associated trends from Jason satellite altimetry over 2002 - 2018. Scientific Data 7 (Nature), Sci Data 7, 357,, 2020.
  • Gouzenes, Y., Léger, F., Cazenave, A., Birol, F., Bonnefond, P., Passaro, M., Nino, F., Almar, R., Laurain, O., Schwatke, C., Legeais, J.-F., and Benveniste, J.: Coastal Sea Level rise at Senetosa (Corsica) during the Jason altimetry missions, Ocean Sci., 16, 1165–1182,, 2020.
  • Léger F., F. Birol, F. Niño, M. Passaro, F. Marti and A. Cazenave: X-Track/Ales Regional Altimeter Product for Coastal Application: Toward a New Multi-Mission Altimetry Product at High Resolution, IGARSS 2019 - 2019 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Yokohama, Japan, 2019, pp. 8271-8274.
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  • F. Marti, A. Cazenave, F. Birol, M. Passaro, F. Leger, F. Nino, R. Almar, J. Benveniste, J.F. Legeais, 2019: Altimetry-based sea level trends along the coasts of western Africa. Advances in Space Research.
  • A. Carret, Birol, F., Estournel, C., Zakardjian, B., and Testor, P., 2019. Synergy between in situ and altimetry data to observe and study the Northern Current variations (NW Mediterranean Sea), Ocean Sci. Discuss., Ocean Sci., 15, 269-290,
  • S. Vignudelli, F. Birol, J. Benveniste, L.-L. Fu,, N. Picot, M. Raynal , H. Roinard, 2018: Satellite altimetry measurements of sea level in the coastal zone. Surveys in Geophysics. DOI 10.1007/s10712-019-09569-1.
  • I. Manso-Narvarte, A. Caballero, A. Rubio, C. Dufau and F. Birol, 2018: Joint analysis of coastal altimetry and HF radar data: observability of seasonal and mesoscale ocean dynamics in the Bay of Biscay. Ocean science, Ocean Science, doi: /os-2018-33.
  • P. L. Vu , F. Frappart, J. Darrozes, V. Marieu, F. Blarel, G. Ramillien, P. Bonnefond, F. Birol, 2018: Multi-satellite altimeter calibration along the Atlantic coast from ERS-2 to SARAL. Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing. 10, 93; doi:10.3390/rs10010093.
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