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CROCO is a research proposal to develop a community model for coastal multiscale and multidisciplinary oceanography. The originality of this project relies on the sharing of experiences from a consortium of several teams working on different models (ROMS, MARS, SNBQ, HYCOM). CROCO can be interfaced with other components of Earth system modeling, from the atmosphere to marine biology and sediment models. The result will enable progress on environmental science and will also contribute to environmental management, operational monitoring and policy decisions (link to source code web page here). The CROCO working group has recently submitted a proposal to the concerned French research institutes (CNRS, Ifremer, SHOM, IRD) through a program called GdR (Groupement de Recherche).


Figure showing a lock exchange experiment (gravity adjustment) simulated by non-hydrostatic CROCO at 5 mm resolution

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