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Figures showing ERS winds

  1. Initial explorations and basic statistics
    1. Mean winds: Taux Tauy Curl Curl and Tau
    2. Mean Curl in the S Pacific
      (Minus average E of NC)
      SW Pacific detail
      NC-vanuatu detail
    3. Sverdrup streamfunction: 2° differencing 1° differencing
      Examples shown in Islandrule lecture: 1 2 3
      Parts of Sverdrup transport (V_g): V_g Curl part Taux part
    4. Bimonthly climatology:
      1. Climatology Anomalies
    5. RMS of Taux/Tauy and Curl
      1. Annual cycle
      2. Anomalies from annual cycle
      3. Curl (annual and interannnual)
    6. Correlation of Taux and Tauy
      1. Annual cycle
      2. 1991-2000 monthly record Anomalies from annual cycle
    7. Variance ellipses
      1. Annual cycle
      2. Anomalies from annual cycle
    8. Annual harmonics
      1. Taux
      2. Tauy
      3. Curl
    9. EOFs of Curl
      1. Monthly
      2. Interannual Interannual (smoothed)
    10. Interannual stuff
      1. Taux at 180°: 1-yr smoothed 77-day
      2. Correlation of Taux with Taux at the Eq: 77-day smoothed 1-yrsmoothed(smoothed)
    11. Ekman transport
      1. Ekman transport vectors
      2. Ekman transport magnitude and direction
      3. Ekman and geostrophic transport vectors


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