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Pandora cruise (July 2012):

-The 82 sampled stations from Pandora cruise are shown here, as an inset of the northern stations 

-Two bathymetry (etopo1) maps  are displayed, overlaid by stations sampled during Pandora:


    - The same bathymetry maps are also displayed using the etopo2v2c version:


    Bifurcation (September 2012):

    • 41 CTD stations were carried out during Bifurcation and are shown here
    • Bathymetry map overlaid by stations centered on the Coral Sea (145-170°E | 14-25°S)

    MoorSPICE (March 2014):

    • During MoorSPICE 57 CTD stations were sampled (here)
    • Bathymetry map centered on the Solomon Sea overlaid by the sampled stations 

    - Deep bathymetry maps using etopo1 version:

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