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Water level of rivers and lakes by satellite altimetry

  Lake Bratskoye

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Water level

Water level obtained with satellite altimetry

altimetry processing currently is : active help on altimetry

Surface variation observed with optical and radar imagery.

Water level and surface variations are combined to estimate

the total volume variation

External data

In Situ measurments are available on Hydrolare website.

Image below shows Lake Bratskoye in color composition.

Legend :

jason 1 and jason 2Jason 1&2

topex poseidonTopex/Poseidon

envisatEnvisat & ERS


Water level

Click-here- to download time serie's values in text format.

Water level reference is GRACE GGM02C Legos CTOH website

When you use our data the appropriate citation is :

"Surface monitoring by satellite altimetry"  pdf

Learn more about satellite availability and our processing chain.

Surface variation*

Click-here- to download surface variation time serie.

Volume variation*

Click-here- to download relative volume variation time serie.

* Surface and volume variations are shown in the limits of available optical imagery - see Hypsometry.

Hypsometry :

Click-here- to hypsometry in text format

Surface snapshots

Minimum surface

Maximum surface

Region of Interest

ROI in envi vector file format

ROI in shapefile format

Bibliography and references

J-F. Crétaux , W. Jelinski , S. Calmant , A. Kouraev , V. Vuglinski , M. Bergé Nguyen , M-C. Gennero , F. Nino, R. Abarca Del Rio , A. Cazenave , P. Maisongrande, SOLS: A Lake database to monitor in Near Real Time water level and storage variations from remote sensing data, J. Adv. Space Res. (2011), doi:10.1016/j.asr.2011.01.004

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