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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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The research work of the OLVAC team is mainly carried out within the framework of the WCRP (World Climate Research Program), in particular its CLIVAR (Climate Variability and predictability of the ocean-atmosphere) and GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Exchanges) components. The general research themes aim to improve our knowledge and understanding:

  • mechanisms responsible for the variability of the three tropical oceans, from intra-seasonal to decadal time scales, including climate trends;

  • fine-scale ocean dynamics in the tropics, and their interaction with the large scale;

  • regional variability of sea-level rise in relation to climate change;

  • the impact of climate variability and change on coastal vulnerability.

To answer these questions, the OLVAC team relies on both in situ and space-based observations, as well as on regional ocean modelling. OLVAC is in charge of 2 National Observing Services - the Global Ocean Sea Surface Salinity Measurement Network (SNO SSS) and the Tropical Atlantic Weather and Ocean Mooring Network (SNO PIRATA) - and organizes oceanographic cruises in the Tropical Atlantic (annual PIRATA campaigns) and in the Tropical Southwest Pacific (MoorSPICE, CASSIOPEE). For satellite observations, the team includes the P.I. of the Megha-TROPICS mission, dedicated to the study of the water cycle and convective systems in the inter-tropical band. An important part of the scientific activities of the team is based on the analysis of altimetry data, and SNO SSS is involved in the SMOS cal/val. Finally, the team has intensified in recent years its activities in regional numerical modelling, in connection with its « south » fieldworks of interest, with the development of new themes around coupled ocean-atmosphere and ocean-biogeochemistry modelling.

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