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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Nearshore and estuaries processes

by ECOLA last modified Jan 10, 2017 01:20 PM

 Processus littoraux et estuariens


Les travaux de l'équipe sur le littoral concernent d'une part la dynamique des littoraux sableux, avec l'étude de l'hydromorphodynamique des littoraux vulnérables aux aléas climatiques et l'étude des processus couplés vagues-circulation, et d'autre part la dynamique estuarienne avec l'étude des processus hydrosédimentaires et de la marée. Des études plus ponctuelles ont trait à la dynamique sédimentaire dans les lagons et en milieux semi-arides.

Dynamique du littoral sableux:

- Wave-current interactions in 3D coastal ocean circulation models: the COMODO-WAVES project (2014+, funded by INSU/CNRS through the LEFE/MANU program)

- littoraux du Golfe de Guinée (2013-2014, projet financé par l'INSU/CNRS via le programme LEFE/ECCO)

- coastal variability: the COASTVAR project (2015-2017, project funded by ANR)

- plage des Landes (thèse de D.Angnuureng, coll. EPOC-Univ. Bordeaux 1, Univ. du Ghana)

- variabilité littorale et risques associés au Chili

- spatiotemporal variability of sulfur plumes in the Namibian upwelling system: the TOXIC RISK project (2016-2018, project funded by EU)


Processus hydrosédimentaires

- Fonctionnement hydrosédimentaire d'un lagon corallien

- Dynamique sédimentaire dans l'estuaire du Fleuve Rouge (Vietnam)

- Dynamique sédimentaire dans les milieux semi-arides, impact du changement climatique et des activités anthropiques 

Modélisation de la dynamique estuarienne

An estuary is, by definition, the downstream portion of coastal river under tidal dynamics influence. Tides propagate upward in the river up to hundreds or several hundreds of kilometers.For instance, the Amazone estuary, one of the widest in the world, has an extent of about 800 km away from its coastal mouth. Estuaries are one of the most complex dynamical interaction system between the ocean and continental waters.

The estuarine dynamics is highly non-linear and heterogeneous in terms of bottom friction, geometry and regimes (neap/spring tides, low-water-flood episodes). Its modelling is quite demanding, because of the spatial resolution (from a few kilometers down to tenth of meters), the periodic or seasonal wetting and drying, the need of precise digital terrain models (DTM) and accurate boundary conditions.

The modelling activities for the tidal estuarine dynamics have been conducted in several cases:

  • Amazone river,  AMANDES ANR project (C. Jeandel coordinator), Y. Le Bars (PhD)
  • Seine estuary, SWOT/TOSCA project (B. Laignel coordinator), L. Chevalier (PhD)
  • Douala estuary, R. Onguene (PhD)


The unstructured grid of the T-UGOm numerical model allows for treating the whole estuary without nesting cascade, at a resolution compatible with river geometry constaints. Specific pre-processing tools/methodologies are needed to provide the needed model inputs, such as DTMs and boundary conditions. One major difficulty of estuarine environement is the variety of geographical systems (especially on the vertical) that need to be cross-referenced to handle geophysical data.


Références de l'équipe

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