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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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FE mesh

by ECOLA last modified Feb 11, 2013 04:01 PM
Construction of the FES2012 FE mesh


Building from scratch a new global finite elements mesh is a tedious task, hard to deploy inside an operational project. Therefore, and for pragmatic reasons, our approach has consisted in refurbishing the existing FES2004 global mesh with the three following objectives:

  • increase shelf and topography slopes discretisation
  • improve shorelines description
  • keep mesh size at a reasonable level


Mesh construction


Entry: FES2004 FE mesh



FES2004 finite elements mesh


step 1: overall refinement for elements with size > 75 km


step 2: overall sanity and shape improvements (mesh-doctor tool):

diamond (interior vertices with 4 neighbours) elimination, over-connected nodes cleaving, triangles reshape


step 3 : regional refinement (mesh-upgrade tool) for shelf seas with specific criteria


step 4 : regional refinement (mesh-upgrade tool) for ocean ridges with specific criteria


step 5: mesh size control, iteration from step 3 if necessary

step 6: overall sanity and shape improvements (final mesh)


step 8: visual control and editing (xscan) if necessary


step 9: numbering optimisation (mesh-renum tool)


step 10: tidal simulation test


About 35 shelves/archipelago and 6 ocean ridge regions (defined in the *.plg files)  have been processed. The criteria file (*.crt) have been tuned to mitigate the necessary increase in resolution and the final mesh size. The construction is steered by a batch file to allow construction iterations.



FES2012 finite elements mesh


FES2012 mesh holds about 450 000 vertices, nearly twice more than FES2004 mesh. Hydrodynamic solutions are discretised on LGP2 nodes (~1 525 000 nodes) and discontinuous non-conforming P1 nodes (~2 300 000 nodes).



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