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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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by ECOLA last modified Mar 18, 2012 05:25 PM

Standard visualisation under xscan (sirocco-genesis)

  1. bathymetry: plotting and editing
  2. shorelines
  3. model outputs
  4. GIS


Unstructured mesh generation and editing

  1. automatic mesh generation with ztugo

    Exercice I: Mesh generation with ztugo

    ztugo is a simple bash code which helps to structure the meshing steps
    Help is accessible either with ztugo (short help) or ztugo -h (long help)

    STEP 1 : Generate the files tree of the model

    Except for this first step (files tree generation) all others ztugo command should be executed in the ./mesh/ directory

    • Go to the directory where you want to build your t-UGOm test model
    • ztugo -n (or -nv to see the help for this command)
    • answer the questions and give a name to your zone (here: test)
    • ztugo -nv (to see what you need to do next -text in magenta color-)

    STEP 2 : Generate the mesh

    • Go to the mesh/ directory
    • ztugo -m (or -mv to see the help for this command)

    STEP 3 : Clean the mesh with mesh-doctor

    • ztugo -d (or -dv to see the help for this command)
    • Finish the mesh cleaning with xscan


    Exercice II: mesh edition

    mesh refinement

    element edition

    boundary code construction

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