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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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by ECOLA last modified Feb 21, 2014 01:11 PM
a compilation of useful databases with download address, documentation and recommandations

Global databases


- Site GEBCO (gridone et GEBCO_08):

    Documentation GEBCO-08 (pdf)

    GEBCO-08 up-to-date version (2010) is available on srv-ecola

    gridone up-to-date version (2008) is available on srv-ecola

    Recommandations: quality is highly variable, most shelves are noisy


    - DBDB-V :

      Download is (presently) not available, some past extractions are available on srv-ecola


      - Smith & Sandwell:

        Documentation :

        The last versions (14.1, 15.1 and 16.1) are available on srv-ecola. Native format is img, it can be manipulated via GMT. To convert the full file into netcdf format::

        img2grd topo_15.1.img -T1 -Gtopo_15.1.grd -R-180/180/-80.738008628/80.738008628 -m1-D

        - Site NOAA:

          Documentation ETOPO-1 (pdf)

          Up-to-date version is available on srv-ecola



          Despite tremendous efforts from data centres, none of the global data set can be considered as being fully satisfactory, and accuracy is highly geographically dependent. From our past experiences, gebco_08 and Smith & Sandwell (release 14) are the most useful. gridone is generally much too smooth (and possibly out-dated), but it can be an advantage for modelers in some shallow areas where bumpy artefacts (quite ubiquitous in data set that contains gravitational or sea level anomalies inversion) can damage numerical flows. As far as we know, etopo-1 is rarely a good choice, except for US and japanese waters.


          Regional databases


            • US waters

          the NOAA distributes a set of coastal databases covering the US waters. NOAA site can be found at:

          Already downloaded files can be found on srv-ecola:/data/depository/data/topography/regional/US-CoastalRelief/


            • European waters

            A compilation of the following dataset nested into a GEBCO-08 regional extraction is available on srv-ecola (base-17, 2010/2011)

            - French coastal LIDAR :,,

            - Celtic Sea:

              - Irish Sea

              - North Sea (UK, NOOS)

                - Baltic Sea:

                - Portugal (SHOM/???)

                - Bay of Biscay (SHOM)


                    • Australian waters

                  - Australian waters (ANZLIC):

                  documentation: ANZLIC

                  - Great Barrier and surroundings:

                  file can be found at GMT/netCDF bathymetry grid CF-1.0 [zip] 1.1 GBytes


                    • Atlantic Ocean

                  - Azores:

                  - Patagonia: E.D. Palma et al.

                  Documentation: publication

                  - Amazon shelf and estuary:

                    Bathymetry built from soundings (Lyard/Le Bars, 2010) avaible on srv-ecola (/data/depository/data/topography/regional/amazone/data/AB2.grd)


                      • Arctic Ocean

                    - IBCAO:

                    - Kara Sea


                        • Austral Ocean

                      - Antarctic (pangea, Timmerman & al.):


                        - Antarctic (ALBMAP)

                        - Kerguelen Plateau/Amery Ice shelf

                          LEGOS compilation


                            • Indian Ocean

                          - Persian Gulf



                            • North Pacific Ocean

                          - Yellow Sea

                          - Japanese waters. Official site is Japan Oceanographic Data Center:

                              Up-to-date version (2011) is. available on srv-ecola (POC compilation done for Fukushima operatiopnal modeling plateform)

                              - Taïwan waters: a preliminary database can be found at srv-ecola:/data/depository/data/topography/regional/taiwan


                              Useful sites:


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