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FES2012 home page at LEGOS

Par ECOLA Dernière modification 11/02/2013 16:24
FES2012 project from inside...

The new finite element global tides atlas FES2012, aimed to replace the FES2004 atlas, is now under way!!!

It is funded by the CNES agency (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) and supported by CNRS (Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique). It involves the LEGOS laboratory and two science engineering companies, Noveltis and CLS.

The two primary objectives are to take profit of the long-running altimeter missions records and to increase the atlas spatial resolution. The FES2012 atlas should be available in fall 2012.

This project also aims to be a tribute to the outstanding contribution of C. Le Provost to the Topex/Poseidon tidal modeling achievements.


LEGOS project team: F. Lyard, L. Roblou, D. Allain, L. Testut

Additional contributors: F. Birol and C. Delebecque (CTOH/LEGOS), M.Llubbes (GET), D. Greenberg (BIO), B. Levier (Mercator-Ocean)




FES2012 M2 hydrodynamic solution (2.5 cm RMS accuracy compared to altimetry)




















Lyard, F., F. Lefèvre, T. Letellier and O. Francis. Modelling the global ocean tides: A modern insight from FES2004, Ocean Dynamics, 56, 394-415, 2006. DOI : 10.1007/s10236-006-0086-x

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