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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Altimeter tide gauges

Par ECOLA Dernière modification 05/05/2014 16:43

Altimeter-derived harmonic constants are now routinely processed by the CTOH service. You can access the CTOH official page here.

In intranet mode, you can access data here.


China sea

A first data set is available (that does not include Jason-2 data) for the nominal and interlaced tracks.

  • TP/J1 full set ()
  • TPN/J1N full set
  • South china Sea subset : TP/J1, TPN/J1N, TP/J1+TPN/J1N

An experimental data set is available for the interlaced tracks, where GLORYS2 re-analysis (Myocean, Mercator) has been used to remove semi-annual contamination:

  • TPN/J1N GLORYS full set
  • South china Sea subset :  GLORYS TPN/J1N, TP/J1+GLORYS TPN/J1N

Contact: F. Lyard


    Global Ocean

    • FES2004 T/P crossovers, assimilated crossovers
    • FES2012

    Contact: F. Lyard

    Mediterranean Sea


    Northeast Atlantic Ocean

    • TP/J1/J2

    Contact: CTOH

    Northwest Indian Ocean

    Contact: L. Testut

    Persian Gulf

    Contact: L. Roblou

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