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This page aims to be a central point to access useful data and related documentations, either locally managed or from external data center. It comes as a complementary data access with regards to the LEGOS products distribution one (




♦ Bathymetry

  • local archives:
    • EMODNET:

This a composite bathymetry supported by the EU (

The native NetCDF format is quite poor, so you better use the reformatted files in:

srv-ecola:/data/depository/data/topography/regional/: EMODNET-2012, EMODNET-2013

Historical ship-tracks data (including bathymetry) used in most of GEBCO DTMs. Data can be easily selected and downloaded from the following NOAA web site , at various format including the helpfull XYZ one.


♦ Land Elevation

The earthexplorer website gives access to a lot of geophysical data set, and users are encouraged to preferably use it. Registration is quite simple, and data download interface not that difficult.

GDAL package is extremely useful to transform (a great bunch of) data format toward your favourite format. If you want to turn your downloaded file "my_download.funny" into Netcdf file format, then the following line is very likely to do the trick:

> gdal_translate -of netCDF my_download.funny

NB: GLOBE DEM is rather low resolution and not very accurate. ASTER seems to be much noiser than SRTM.



A collection of precise shorelines databases, most of them already made available on ECOLA server (see /data/depository/data/shorelines). Open data websites:


It is also possible to extract shorelines from SRTM elevations (SIROCCO tools, shorelines-extractor).


Geographic reference systems

In alongshore applications, vertical and horizontal references must be handled carefully. In The COMODO-TOOLS package, geographical projection and ellipsoids are treated through the PROJ4 library.

Useful sites : IGN, EPSG.IO



Sea level observations


Tide gauges


Altimeter tide gauges


Ocean and Atmosphere simulations archives



  • ECMWF meteorological local archives
  • ECMWF products centre access


Tidal atlases (global and regionals)


♦ Storm surges (global and regionals)

(in construction)

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