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Silicate electrochemical measurements in seawater: chemical and analytical aspects towards a reagentless sensor,

Lacombe M., Garçon V., Thouron D., Le Bris N. and Comtat M.,

Talanta, 77, 744-750, 10.1016/j.talanta.2008.07.023



From the study of molybdenum oxidation in aqueous solutionswe developed a semi-autonomousmethod to detect silicate in aqueous samples. Molybdenum oxidationwas used to form molybdate in acidicmedia. The silicomolybdic complex formed with silicate is detectable by amperometry or cyclic voltammetry. The newelectrochemical method is in good agreement with the method conventionally used for environmentalwater silicate analysis. In the second stage, a completely reagentless methodwas developed using molybdate and proton produced during molybdenum oxidation. Reproducibility tests showa precision of 2.6% for a concentration of 100mol L-1. This new method will be very suitable for the development of newautonomous silicate sensors easy to handle and without reagents. In this paperwe present the analytical and chemical aspects necessary for a complete documentation of the method before the development of a new reagentless sensor.



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