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Climatically-Active Gases In The Eastern Boundary Upwelling And Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) Systems

Garbe, C.S., A. Butz, I. Dadou, B. Dewitte, V. Garçon, S. Illig, A. Paulmier, J. Sudre and H. Yahia
IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing, (2012) 6150 - 6153 in press.


The EBUS (Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems) and OMZs (Oxygen Minimum Zone) contribute very significantly to the gas exchange between the ocean and the atmosphere, notably with respect to the greenhouse gases (hereafter GHG). From in-situ ocean measurements, the uncertainty of the net global ocean-atmosphere CO2 fluxes is between 20 and 30%, and could be much higher in the EBUS-OMZ. Off Peru, very few in-situ data are available presently, which justifies alternative approaches for assessing these fluxes. In this contribution we introduce.


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