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Purposes for SOSTIDE36-AM

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The Solomon sea is located in Southwest Pacific region where tidal processes are suspected to be strong. Indeed, the topography with numerous islands, straits is complex.  The effects of tides on water masses could be non negligible. Melet et al., 2011 showed from a model without tides and one with a  parametrization induced by tides that the maximum of salinity in thermocline layers is eroded.

In SOSTIDE36 project, two simulations on the Solomon Sea are made: one simple model without tides and one model forced explicitly by tides whose constituants are : M2, K2,  S2, N2, K1, O1, Q1, M4, P1.

Three main questions are inevitable for the scientific investigation of these simulations:

  •  What is the generated energy by tides ? And how does it propagate?
  • What is the percentage of local dissipated energy? And also under the generation sites? (horizontal, vertical dissipation,..)
  • What are the effects of tides on water masses (temperature, salinity)?





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