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Luis Pedro ALMEIDA


Adresse: LEGOS

14 avenue Edouard BELIN

Email :
Téléphone : 05 61 33 XX XX


Expériences / Diplômes :


- 2011-present: PhD, University of Plymouth (UK)

- 2011: Msc, Geomatics, University of Algarve (Portugal)

- 2007: Bsc, Oceanography, University of Algarve (Portugal)



Activités scientifiques :


-    Nearshore hydrodynamics and morphodynamics

-    Remote sensing applied to nearshore survey


Projets :


- COASTVAR project


 Publications :

McCall, R., Masselink, G., Poate, T., Roelvink, D., Almeida, L.P., in press. Modelling storm morphodynamics on gravel beaches with Xbeach-G.Coastal Engineering.

Almeida, L.P., Masselink, G., Russell, P., Davidson, M., 2015. Observations of gravel beach dynamics during high energy wave conditions using a laser scanner. Geomorphology.

McCall, R.T., Masselink, G., Poate, T.G., Roelvink, J.A., Almeida, L.P., Davidson, M., Russell, P.E., 2014. Modelling storm hydrodynamics on gravel beaches with XBeach-G. Coastal Engineering, 91, pp. 231-250.

Almeida, L.P., Masselink, G., Russell, P.E., Davidson, M., Poate, T., McCall, R., Blenkinsopp, C., Turner, I.L., 2013. Observations of the swash zone on a gravel beach during a storm using a laser-scanner (Lidar). Journal of Coastal Research, SI 65, pp. 636-641.

Frias, P., Horta, J., Almeida, L.P., Pacheco, A., Ferreira, Ó., 2013. Development of a WebGIS tool to determine tidal inlet evolution. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 65, pp. 1379- 1384.

Pacheco, A., Ferreira, Ó, Williams, J.J., Almeida, L.P., Faísca, L., Dias, J.A., 2012. A statistical evaluation of models for extrapolating current velocities from boat-mounted ADCP profiles. Coastal Engineering, 54.

Vousdoukas, M.I., Ferreira, Ó., Almeida, L.P., Pacheco, A., 2012. Toward reliable stormhazard forecasts: XBeach calibration and its potential application in an operational earlywarning system. Ocean Dynamics, 62, pp. 1001-1015.

Vousdoukas, M.I., Almeida, L.P., Ferreira, Ó., 2012. Beach erosion and recovery during consecutive storms at a steep‐sloping, meso‐tidal beach. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 37, pp. 583-593.

Almeida, L.P., Vousdoukas, M.I., Ferreira, Ó., Rodrigues, B.A., Matias, A., 2012. Thresholds for storm impacts on an exposed sandy coastal area in southern Portugal. Geomorphology, 143, pp. 3-12.

Vousdoukas, M.I., Wziatek, D., Almeida, L.P., 2012. Coastal vulnerability assessment based on video wave run-up observations at a mesotidal, steep-sloped beach. Ocean Dynamics, 62, pp. 123-137.

Vousdoukas M.I., Almeida L.P., Ferreira P.M., Ferreira Ó., Andriolo U., Psaros F., Taborda R., 2011. Performance analysis of intertidal topography video monitoring on a meso-tidal reflective beach in South Portugal, Journal of Ocean Dynamics, 61, pp. 1521-1540.

Almeida L.P., Ferreira, Ó., Vousdoukas M.I., Dodet, G., 2011. Historical variation and trends in storminess along the Portuguese South Coast. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 11, pp. 2407-2417.

Almeida, L.P., Ferreira, Pacheco, A., 2011. Thresholds for morphological changes on an exposed sandy beach. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 36, pp. 523-532.

Vousdoukas, M.I., Almeida, L.P. and Ferreira, Ó., 2011. Modelling storm-induced beach morphological change in a meso-tidal, reflective beach using XBeach. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 64, pp. 1916 – 1920.

Almeida, L.P. and Ferreira, Ó., Taborda, R., 2011. Geoprocessing tool to model beach erosion due to storms: application to Faro beach (Portugal). Journal of Coastal Research, SI 64, pp. 1830 – 1834.


 Présentations/ conférences :

Vousdoukas, M.I., Almeida, L.P., Ferreira, Ó., 2012. An early warning system for marine storm hazard mitigation. EGU General Assembly 20012, Vienna.

Ferreira, Ó., Almeida, L.P., Rodrigues, B., Matias, A., 2010. Determination of thresholds for storm impacts. XI Reunión Nacional de GeomorfologíaXI Reunión Nacional de Geomorfología, Solsona, Spain.

Almeida, L.P., Vousdoukas, M.V., Ferreira, P.M., Ruano, A.E., Dodet, G., Loureiro, C., Ferreira, Ó., Taborda, R., 2010. Correlating Wave Hindcast and Buoy data with Artificial Neural Networks. Proceedings of 1as Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica. Instituto Hidrográfico Português, Lisboa, Portugal.

Vousdoukas, M.V., Almeida, L.P., Ferreira, Ó., Taborda, R., Silva, A.N., 2010. Coastal morphological monitoring using an automated video system at Praia de Faro (South Portugal). 1as Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica. Lisbon, 21-22 June 2010.

Vousdoukas, M.I., Almeida, L.P., Ferreira, Ó., Karambas, T.V., 2009. Modelling beach profile response during a storm in Praia de Faro, Portugal: Comparison of three beach profile models. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, San Francisco, USA.

 Almeida, L.P., Masselink, G., Russell, P.E., Davidson, M., McCall, R. and Poate, T., 2014. Swash zone morphodynamics of gravel and mixed sand and gravel beaches during energetic wave conditions. Proceedings 34rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering, ASCE, Seoul, Korea


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