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Mercredi 11 Avril - Fundamentals of global ocean internal tide and gravity wave modeling

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Quand ? Le 11/04/2018,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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Brian Arbic

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA


Title:Fundamentals of global ocean internal tide and gravity wave modeling


Abstract:In these two talks I will discuss modeling of the internal gravity wave spectrum in two state-of-the-art global ocean models (HYCOM simulations run by the US Navy, and MITgcm simulations run on NASA computers).  There are many motivations for studying internal gravity waves.  Internal wave breaking underlies most of the mixing in the interior of the ocean, and internal-wave driven mixing has significant impacts on ocean biology, ocean circulation, and oceanic temperatures and salinities.  Internal waves also have a significant signal in datasets constructed from satellite remote sensing of the ocean, including present-generation nadir altimeters and the planned wide-swath SWOT mission.  Finally, internal waves have a large impact on acoustics and other operational oceanography considerations.  It has been recognized just in the last few years that global models that are forced by both atmospheric fields and the astronomical tidal potential are able to resolve some of the internal gravity wave continuum spectrum--the so-called Garrett-Munk spectrum.  In the first talk I will discuss the background, motivation, and technical aspects of such models in detail, and in the second talk I will discuss cutting edge research results including the comparisons of such models with observations, and open questions about such models, in particular, their potential use in understanding the development of the Garrett-Munk spectrum.


Ce séminaire sera suivi par une autre présentation donnée le 14 mai - This seminar will be followed by another talk given on May, the 14th.


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