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Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales

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Jeudi 23 Mai - Climate research at the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)

Par SEMSOU Dernière modification 17/05/2013 11:26
Quand ? Le 23/05/2013,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Participants Ken Takahashi, Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)
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Ken Takahashi, Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)


Climate research at the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)


Abstract: Peru is a country with high geographical and climatic diversity, and temporal variability in climate phenomena can have large impacts on the population, economy and ecosystems. The Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) is dedicated, as part of its mission, to carry out scientific research in geophysics as a member of the international scientific community and as a service to the country.
In the climate group, our research is currently focused on El Niño predictability, regional ocean-atmosphere interactions, climate change in the Andes, and climate-hydrology interactions in the Amazon basin. The approach is a combination of statistical analysis of historical observations, field experiments, remote sensing, numerical modeling, and theory.


International cooperation is a key resource for this work. Ongoing research in collaboration with France include: dynamical processes associated with El Niño regimes; implementation of a regional coupled ocean-atmosphere model of the southeast Pacific; high resolution simulation of the atmospheric connection between the Amazon and the Andes and its effect on glaciers; eolian coastal erosion and associated sediment fluxes to the ocean; strong cold events in the Peruvian Amazon; and, climate forcing of Amazonian hydrological extremes. A brief overview of this and other ongoing research will be presented.

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